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Mind the gap: classic dating titles

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

John Gray

It wasn't just an eye-catching title that scored this tome over 50 million worldwide sales; John Gray's assertion that men and women are acclimated to their own 'planet's society and customs' gave everyone pause for thought. Gray addressed how men and women evaluate their relationships, and if the balance shifts, resentment ultimately follows.

Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps

Allan & Barbara Pease

Barbara and Allan Pease wrote a healthy slew of books in the same vein, travelling the world in their quest for clarity by investigating evolutionary theory, biology and social changes.

Himglish & Femalese

Jean Hannah Edelstein

Billed ostensibly as a dating guide for the post-Sex & The City generation, Edelstein's book was designed for those already dealing with information overload. Her basic theory? Women are ruling the boardroom, men are taking to the kitchen, and in this new world order, we're headed for an era of pure confusion.

The Essential Difference: Men, Women & the Extreme Male Brain

Simon Baron-Cohen

An established academic, Baron-Cohen took a rather more scientific approach to his book, and revealed that while men tend to be better at analysing systems, women tend to be better at reading the emotions of other people.

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