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'Mi casa es tu casa' - Mexican trio pen open letter to public after they cooked and cycled their way around Ireland

Cousins Hernan (41) and Andres Ramos (33) and David Tueme (26) from North Mexico
Cousins Hernan (41) and Andres Ramos (33) and David Tueme (26) from North Mexico
Cousins Hernan (41) and Andres Ramos (33) and David Tueme (26) from North Mexico
Cousins Hernan (41) and Andres Ramos (33) and David Tueme (26) from North Mexico
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

A fun-loving Mexican trio have been cycling and cooking their way around Ireland for the past two weeks to give the Irish people they meet a taste of authentic tacos.

Cousins Hernan (41) and Andres Ramos (33) and David Tueme (26) from north Mexico landed in Ireland on July 2 and brought a barbecue with them.

Ever since, the trio have been cycling around Ireland with their barbecue on the back, taking in Clare, Connemara, Galway and Dublin.

“We are a group of cousins originally from north Mexico and as a hobby we’ve been doing bike trips through Mexico for the past four years,” Hernan told

“Besides riding our bikes, we also get to know the street food that we know and love in Mexico, especially tacos.”

 “It’s travelling with a purpose. Getting the experience of knowing the Irish and the country, but also an excuse to cook tacos and generate connections with the Irish.”

“One of the reasons we came here was because we heard that the Irish were the Mexicans of Europe, and yes absolutely that’s true.”

“We’re writing a travel chronicle that’s being published in Mexico on a daily basis.”

The trio are now toying with the idea of setting up a taco tricycle franchise in Ireland, and also opening Ireland up to the indigenous Mexican art.

“The day we got here, we got the bikes and when we were riding the first blocks we were a little nervous because you drive on the left so we decided a beer was a good idea. So we went into the first of many pubs.”

“The second guy we met was a Mexican cook. Mexicans work in kitchens throughout the world. It was interesting to get to know him on the first day of our trip, he was from our home town.”

“We brought a barbecue that we’re carrying on one of our bikes on the trolley. When we were in Lahinch we cooked tacos.”

Highlights from their trip have included seeing the Cliffs of Moher, Galway city and their many pints of Guinness, they say.

“In each place and pub that we go into, everyone is curious about what we’re doing and they are enthusiastic about helping us out. They’ve given us great tips so that we can ride along on beautiful parts.”

“We cooked in Lahinch, we cooked in Galway. The first day we went to visit the Ambassador of Mexico, he gave us the flags, the kick off, and we got to know the Mexican representative in Galway and he introduced us to the Mexican community, and we prepared a barbecue for them in Salthill.”

“We’ve cycled to the Connemara coast to Clifden and around Westport. On Friday we take the train back to Dublin. On Saturday sadly we leave Ireland.”

 The trio have written an open letter to the Irish public to thank them for all the experiences they’ve had on their short visit.

The cousins wrote: “During the past few days, we have been able to learn some of your slang, although it has been difficult to understand everything… (especially if you are from the north).”

“Also, you have been very patient in helping us find our way around. Thanks to your help, we were able to ride the bikes through unbeaten paths along your countryside...”

They continued: “We know that you are very bad at eating spicy Tacos, but that is life, we can’t do anything about it.”

“We are brothers from another mother.”

“We share a free soul and walk life with an open hand. This is called empathy and not all nations understand it.”

“Next time you plan a trip where you want to feel right at home, like we did in Ireland, please come to Mexico. Mi casa es tu casa. So bring it on you lovely Irish. We need the rematch after you hammered us with whiskey last night at the pub. We will be expecting you. This time it will be tequila and you are gonna die laughing. Cheers mate”

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