Saturday 20 January 2018

Metal fans are the happiest people in the world, new study reveals

80s Heavy Metal fans
80s Heavy Metal fans
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Fans of eighties’ metal are amongst the happiest people in society, new research has suggested.

The study found that those who were metalheads in the eighties “were significantly happier in their youth, and better adjusted currently” than people in their twenties in 2015.

A new study into the music genre in Humboldt State University suggested that although metal enthusiasts were found to enjoy riskier scenarios more frequently, they were more accepting of negative outcomes.

The research analysed 377 adults, 154 of who had been metal fans, musicians or groupies in the 1980s, 80 who listened to different genres in the 1980s and 153 current college students in California.

Respondents who had some involvement in metal music in the 1980s “reported higher levels of youthful happiness,” according to the study.

Lead researcher of the study Tasha Howe revealed that a possible reason for the study’s conclusion was partly due to the scene of community build between fans of metal music.

“Social support is a crucial protective factor for troubled youth,” said Howe.

“Fans and musicians alike felt a kinship in the metal community, and a way to experience heightened emotions with like-minded people.”

The research comes as complete opposite to metal music’s reputation during the decade, which was seen as corrosive to moral values and social intergration.

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