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Loves of my life: Lynn Kelly, model and Former Miss Universe Ireland

Model and former Miss Universe Ireland Lynn Kelly
Model and former Miss Universe Ireland Lynn Kelly

The model on how her boyfriend Robert is an absolute gent and why she has a love/hate relationship with the gym.

The person

Robert. My boyfriend and best friend, an absolute gent. We have been together for almost 11 years I have no idea where 11 years have gone to. It is just like yesterday we went on our first date to his school Debs

The memory

My godson Rocco being born. The most beautiful, pure little boy in the entire world. I never even knew it was possible to love a human this way. He is six now. I remember him being born and I went to see him straight from an Arnotts show. I had two massive buns on the side of my head and crazy pink make-up. The nurses must have thought I was a crazy person

The moment of the day

Walking out of the gym. That feeling when you finish a tough training session. I have a love/hate relationship with training, I am not always in the mood but I always just get it done. You will never leave a training session feeling worse than you felt when you went in!

The song

Anything by Kanye West. I love him. When I train I love to listen to heavy gangster rap music; it gets me going. Its pushes me that little bit harder. Loving Blood on the Leaves and New Slaves at the minute from his Yeezus album

The movie

Crash. My favourite films are thrillers. I also love anything with Denzel Washington - he is my favourite actor of all time. I am pretty sure I have seen American Gangster about 20 times. The soundtrack is sick

The hero

That has to be my mam. She has overcome more than words could possibly say. I know everybody says this but my mam really is my hero. She still thinks I am a baby; every time I go home she always feeds me. She just can't help but want to look after me

The book

The Secret. Anybody who has read this book usually changes their outlook on life. I am not a big reader as I lose concentration very quickly, but I love the concept of this

The outfit

Most of the time I live in gym gear. I usually make it all black and throw on a leather jacket. That makes it daytime wearable! Kind of. If I am not in gym gear I will definitely be in something comfortable. Comfort is key

The accessory

My Great Lengths Hair Extensions. I have had them for about two years now and I couldn't be without them

The gadget

My phone. When I was on the catwalk2 Kilimanjaro charity climb, we were without our phones for a week and it was really nice. We spend so much time with our head in our phones now that it is actually really sad. We have a no-phone policy in our house at nighttime

The pet hate

Lack of manners. I really just don't get it. My sister and I were taught manners from a very early age and I can not stand people who don't have any. Manners cost nothing

The friend

My sister. We are like chalk and cheese but she is always there when it matters. It's only ever been the two of us and we have always had completely different personalities. I was such a tomboy when I was a kid and loved my Irish dancing. Sarah just didn't really care about anything, so laid back. She was always such a messer

The beauty product

Lash extensions by Pamela Laird at the Beauty Parlour in Terenure. I also love ClearSkin Skin and Laser Clinic in Sandyford

The holiday

Las Vegas. I am lucky enough to travel quite a bit but I always seem to go back there. I have made some of my best memories there over the years. I also really love Dubai. It would probably be the one place I would consider moving to

The piece of advice

Be yourself. I have always just been myself and the older I get the less I care about what people think of me. I really don't care anymore. The less you care, the happier you will be. Trust me

The drink

Elderflower Mojito

The hotel

Grosvenor House, Dubai. Robert recently surprised me with a trip to Dubai for my birthday and it was my favourite hotel ever

The bar

Capitol Bar, South Great Georges Street, Dublin. These guys do the best cocktails ever. Great for a girls night out of even just a quiet one or two. There is always a really nice vibe here, I especially love it on a Sunday when it isn't too crowded

The hobby

Boxing. I often question my sanity walking through the doors because I know how tough it is going to be, but you feel so good afterwards

The part of my body Depending on the day. I do quite like my stomach because it is really hard to get any form of definition, but when I do it is really a reward of my hard work.

I'm never going to tell you what parts I dislike because then you will look, ha ha. No, just kidding - this just really depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm feeling myself, sometimes I'm not

The celebrity

The Beckhams. The perfect family? Possibly. I just love how much David and Victoria seem to love to each other and how they still seem to have the crack even after all these years

The virtue

Acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. Never expect and always be grateful for everything

The vice

Chocolate. I'm talking the good stuff! Kinder Buenos, Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. I try to stick to dark chocolate, but sometimes you have to treat yourself

The smell

Freshly washed bedsheets. Is there any better feeling than getting into a fresh bed after a shower at night?

The taste

Chocolate. Like all day, every day. Honestly, I think I am addicted. I need to control myself every single day. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have a piece of chocolate

Twitter: @Lynnkelly_

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