Saturday 17 February 2018

Lip trick: Triona McCarthy's skincare shake-up

Triona McCarthy has had her mind blown by MAC. Photo: Dave Conachy
Triona McCarthy has had her mind blown by MAC. Photo: Dave Conachy
Mac Liptensity Lipstick
Armani's Lip Maestro
Shiseido's new LiftDynamic Serum
Amanda Seyfried
Beauty Beneath
Bikini Questa Sera

Triona McCarthy

From lips to lifts, make-up and a skincare shake-up, our beauty boffin has it right here, right now

Triona's trends

Mac Liptensity Lipstick

Honestly, just when you think you've seen it all, especially when it comes to lipstick, Mac comes along and blows my mind. And my lips!

If you only buy one thing this season, make it a Mac Liptensity Lipstick, €22, above. This new groundbreaking collection of lipsticks was created in collaboration with tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg. Tetra wha? Let me explain.

Maureen, whose family hails from Cavan, is a 'super-seer,' as she explained to me on the phone from NYC. This means that she has the genetic ability to see up to 100-million hues that are imperceptible to the average naked eye. So who better to help Mac create an unprecedented spectrum of 24 shades with extreme, undeniable colour intensity.

Basically, these are the most pigmented lipstick formulas, ever, from Mac.

Smoked Almond is my new go-to lipstick for daytime. It's the perfect - OK, cliche alert - 'my lips, only better'. It feels fabulous on; it's so moisturising and comfortable, and it wears beautifully. Mulling Spices, below left, is a perfect, wear-anytime red.

For night-time, I've been using shade 510 in Armani's Lip Maestro, below, €32 - I'm also wearing it in my photo, above. It's Armani's first lip stain, and the non-sticky texture offers hours of hydration and comfort. The concentrated pigments permeate the gel formula for an incredible colour pay-off, and no underlying white 'base' means the colour stays true, for a flawless, matte finish.

Armani's Lip Maestro

Triona's trick

Maxi, my three-year-old, is obsessed with symbols on products. He particularly likes the baby's face with a line going through it, as it means Mini is too young for it. Score!

It was while reading out what each symbol meant on the back of a pack of wipes that I learned you're never supposed to flush them down the loo!

Lift off

Shiseido's new LiftDynamic Serum

So I've decided I might go braless from now on! Appara, it pulls the wrinkles from the face!

Better than going braless is Shiseido's new LiftDynamic Serum, above, €105. I know it's a bit spendy, but it's best to put your money into a really good serum if you want to see results. A serum is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients.

The makers claim the bio-corrective complex in this product improves the appearance of sagging skin, and visible, pronounced wrinkles. This looks really chic packaging-wise, and skincare-wise, it packs a powerful punch.

So dont get your knickers in a twist over aging, keep your bra on, and get serious about your skincare.


Amanda Seyfried

I'm already a big fan of Oslo beauty salon on Mespil Road in D4, so I'm, em, made up that they have now added a brand-new blow-dry bar downstairs called Hot Air.

Anyhoo, just like Oslo, Hot Air is seriously stylish, and better still, it's open seven days a week, with the option of both early appointments from 7am, and late-evening appointments until 8pm. They use award-winning haircare products by Moroccanoil, Nioxin and Kevin Murphy, which are beloved of celebs such as Amanda Seyfried, above.

There are no cuts or colour; it's purely blow-drying. Choose from an extensive menu of different looks, including seven styles inspired by major cities. The London look, for example, is cool and edgy, while the Paris look is a modern take on the classically chic chignon.

Triona's most wanted

Beauty Beneath

This is the future, folks! For the first time ever, a beauty supplement is being stocked on the skincare aisle at Boots instead of in the health section. Given the link between what we eat and how we look, it makes perfect sense.

Beauty Beneath, above €39.99 for a month's supply, is the supplement all the beauty editors and beauty experts are going crazy for.

The clue is in the name. Beauty Beneath is designed to work beneath the surface. The supplement is choc-a-block with nutrient-rich ingredients that the makers claim really make a difference to the skin. It's beauty from the inside out.

Now for the science bit. When we're young, we constantly produce collagen, which gives the skin its strength and structure. However, as we get older, our body gets bolder, and collagen gets destroyed faster than our bodies can produce it. This is when we notice sagging, bagging and dragging, as skin loses that structure. Fine lines and wrinkles start appearing, and the texture of the skin can suddenly completely change. I, eh, speak from experience, now that I'm an old lady!

So as part of my daily skincare routine, I now pop two of these pills, as they're packed full of an expert blend of phytonutrients, including lycopene and vitamins C and E as well as biotin, marine collagen and omegas 3 and 6. I was sceptical, but I'm starting to think that I really see a difference now, after two months.

Cult product

Bikini Questa Sera

Hot on the heels - geddit? - of his cosmetic collection, comes Christian Louboutin's first step into fragrance. He's dipping his toe in - OK, enough shoe/feet-isms - with not one, but three scents to choose from.

As you would expect, the packaging is bold and beautiful at the same time. As for the actual juice - Trouble in Heaven is a kinda sultry warm musk; Bikini Questa Sera, above, is a beachy scent with amber notes; while rose lovers will opt for the sweet Tornade Blonde, €275 each, Brown Thomas

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