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Life and times of Boring Kearney: wintertime and box sets


Downton Abbey returns to our screens this week

Downton Abbey returns to our screens this week

Downton Abbey returns to our screens this week

Well, the winter is upon us and it’s the time of year to get the old tartan slippers out, pour a nice mug of cocoa and turn on the television.

In the summertime, I don’t usually get to watch as much telly as in the winter, I would normally be outside doing fun things like washing the windows or counting the gravel in the front yard. So, in winter, I normally like to sit and catch up on my favourite programmes.

Now, I know a lot of you are sad because your favourite programme ended a few weeks ago.  Yes, Downton Abbey will be missed. However, the good news is that Ear to the Ground is back. It’s a really great show that demonstrates the excitement of rural life, not just farming issues. Also during the winter months, we get to tune back into shows such as Fair City.

It’s so funny: I hadn’t seen it in six months, and when I tuned in last Tuesday, I picked up the storyline straight away. What a bit of luck that was, in such a fast-paced environment. Then, of course, there is Murder She Wrote, which also often offer up nail-biting storylines.

Tonight is my turn to pick what we watch as a team. I was going to play them Layer Cake (I think it’s a film about a guy who wants to become a chef), but I taped it off the TV and missed the start, so instead, I will show them my Keeping Up Appearances box set.

Box sets are really convenient — most series are on box sets now, however, I just can’t understand that they haven’t brought out Prime Time on box set yet. I do enjoy the exciting exchanges between the guests and it’s not repetitive rehashed drivel at all.

Being in camp as we are now, it can get a bit quiet. As there is no cooking or cleaning to do, some of us head off to the cinema. The banter can be unreal — one time, one of the lads rang my phone when we were in the cinema and when I came out, I realised I had a missed call!

It was hilarious. I also enjoy a remote control, a very convenient device. Sometimes Joe is like a remote control, let’s hope he can switch Australia off! That’s actually funny, glad I wrote it down. I wonder does Brian read this?

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