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Me: Hello, I have a booking enquiry that you might be able to help me with - it's for Saturday.

Aniar: For this Saturday?

Me: Yes. I understand that you'll be busy.

Aniar: We're fully booked.

Me: Well I'm calling on behalf of a client I work with. They're a VIP couple. Might that have any sway?

Aniar: I mean, not really. Everyone's the same here. We treat all our guests like VIPs!

Me: OK well they're a megawatt celebrity couple from the US. They're travelling to London early next week and are eager to stop off in Galway. They actually honeymooned in Limerick last summer and want to further explore Ireland. They'd really love to visit Aniar when they're here.

Aniar: I do have three or four tables that we're still waiting to confirm. It's possible that one or two of them may end up cancelling.

Me: I would need to have a secure booking though.

Aniar: Let me look at the booking sheet. OK so what we do have is two waiting-list tables. It'll be busy, but in a good way. The staff here are well able to manage that. How does 8.30pm sound?

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Me: I was instructed to request an 8pm table but I know 8.30pm will work for their schedule too. I'll get back on to you if we decide to take it.

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