Monday 22 July 2019

Kate under the lens - again

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Anne Marie Scanlon

She's back! And the British press barely paused for a quick sigh of relief before setting on her like flies on, er, flypaper. Yes, Princess Kate has emerged from her sick room and throughout the land there was great rejoicing - mainly by 'royal correspondents' and the paparazzi.

After some weeks out of the public eye due to Hyperemesis, Kate returned to the day job attending not one, but two public engagements on the same day. First she met with the President of Singapore, Tony Tan Keng Yam, and later attended the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. As usual Kate's body, hair, face and clothing were intensely scrutinised.

Both outfits - the McQueen coat and the "daring" Jenny Packham dress were considered triumphs; her hair was perfect and her choice of Monica Vinader jewellery for the Photography Awards came in for special praise.

As for her royal person - there was dissent, she was "glowing" whilst being "peaky". She was too skinny yet her face was "puffy". She had a "cute little bump" whilst having no visible bump at all. (The baby isn't due till April so Bump Watch is slightly premature at this point.)

Amazingly, almost all of those on professional Kate Watch referred to her illness, Hyperemesis, as 'severe morning sickness' which is like calling a typhoon a few drops of rain.

Poor Kate, her every move is documented, she is universally 'loved' and yet few were bothered finding out what is actually wrong with her.


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