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Karen O'Donohoe's Waterford: They had me at 'bedroom in a meadow'



Karen O'Donohoe, head of development at GIY

Karen O'Donohoe, head of development at GIY

Karen O'Donohoe, head of development at GIY

My children, Dylan and Saoirse, and I love to be outdoors, and with two dogs, any weekend away needs to be nearby. West Waterford has a huge amount to offer, and it's just up the road from where we live in east Cork. My partner, Paul, will come from Dublin, so Waterford is a halfway point.

We'd stay at Nire Valley Eco Camp. They had me at 'bedroom in a meadow', and they welcome pets. The thought of putting up a tent, with two children and two dogs, most likely in the rain, brings me out in a rash, so this new take on 'glamping' is perfect! 

It'd be good old spag bol from home for dinner, and then we'd put the wellies on for a walk. With no Wi-Fi on site, Uno and Connect 4 would save the night.

On Saturday after breakfast, we'd head to Clonea Beach. Waveworld run brilliant activities and my two are water babies, so while they have fun at the watersports camp, we'd walk the legs off the dogs.

In the afternoon, we'd head to Comeragh Mountain Farm. It's a bit of a busman's holiday, but I love to meet local food producers, plus I'm considering getting hens, so where better to learn how best to mind them!

Saturday night dinner would have to be at AndChips in Dungarvan, and eaten on the quay.

On Sunday morning, we'd have eggs from the Comeragh Mountain Farm before taking the Bunmahon Cliff Walk for some final fresh air.

Karen O'Donohoe is head of development at GIY and co-presenter of 'Grow Cook Eat' at 7.30pm, Wednesdays, RTE One

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