Friday 15 November 2019

Jerry and Nuala whisk off to NY on the supersonic jet

Concorde is back and not a moment too soon. Airbus is planning to build a supersonic passenger jet that will get you across the Atlantic in an hour. Phew! And there we were wondering how we could shove our new-found wealth in people's faces. Let's face facts. We have the fastest growing economy in the EU. That's kind of boomy. Don't all go out and buy a speedboat and half of Bulgaria now just because you can.

If the Germans get wind we're back at that kind of carry on, they'll send one of their minions over to start running the place again. But the fact remains that some of us are going to get very rich, very soon. We should definitely avoid the bling this time round.

Diamonds just don't look great next to our pasty old skin. But New York in an hour is just the way to shout 'I'm loaded', while still pretending to be the salt of the earth. (Research shows this is the dream for 87pc of Irish people.) Airbus reckons that its second generation Concorde will appeal to businessmen and VIPs. Airbus is wrong. The skies over Greenland will soon be filled with nouveau riche Paddies screaming "Jesus, Nuala, he's going fierce fast." The air around Ireland will be thick with the sound of, "Have to rush, myself and Jerry are off to New York for lunch. See you this evening." We're back in the game, baby. See you all in Macy's.

Pat Fitzpatrick

Sunday Independent

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