Tuesday 21 January 2020

Jenny Greene - my Mum and Dad said 'Just leave school'

Jenny Greene

I'm not sure radio can be taught in college. For me, it worked to get stuck in and literally work for free. I was 15 when I asked Mark McCabe at Pulse FM if I could come in and work. I went in after school and answered the phone to take requests.

They soon gave me a show at the crack of dawn, which I did for two years until Pulse closed down. Then the programme director of FM 104 asked me to come in and do a weekend breakfast show. I remember talking to my mum and dad about it, and they were unanimous: 'Just leave school. You might get more work if you're available.'

I wasn't academic at all, so I did just that.

So much of that experience has stuck with me. I needed to get rapped on the knuckles, in a good way. I got a set of decks and a mixer when I was 12 for Christmas, and I spent hours on them doing things over and over. Radio is exactly the same. You can't be taught how to find a way to talk on air that people will relate to.

That said, I know that what I do isn't a pensionable job. There's no real job security, degree or not. I'll only ever celebrate a new job or show when the contract is signed.

I don't know what else I could do if radio fell by the wayside, but hopefully I won't have to worry about that too much. When people tell me to look at doing other things, I think, 'well, look at Larry Gogan. If he's managed such a long career, why can't I?


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