Wednesday 25 April 2018

Jennifer Zamparelli: The loves of my life

Jennifer Zamparelli returns in 'Bridget and Eamon' in February. Photo: Kip Carroll
Jennifer Zamparelli returns in 'Bridget and Eamon' in February. Photo: Kip Carroll

The TV and radio presenter on the loves of her life which includes Marty Morrisey.

The person

Florence Myra

The memory

Walking up the aisle . . . I know, I'm a sap, really, but I have never felt so emotional

The moment of the day

It's 7am, just before we go live on 2fm. I'm on the coffee run every morning, and if the lads are reading this, yes - that is a dig. They'd hate to see me go, as they would have no one to bring them coffee

The song

Higher Love, the James Vincent McMorrow version

The movie

Labyrinth with David Bowie. The mullet is just too fantastic to ignore, and it's a creepy, classic-1980s weird-fest

The hero

Will Ferrell

The book

An Evil Cradling by Brian Keenan. It's a dark read

The outfit

My Bridget costume. The red dress and big glasses - what's not to love?

The piece of advice

Don't take anyone's advice, and do your own thing

The accessory

The fag . . . I don't smoke, but think I smoked 600 fags in the making of Bridget and Eamon. I think RTE will actually kill me in the long run

The gadget

My phone. I think I have a problem - actually, I know I have, as work staged an intervention on air. I didn't go to therapy, but I did delete Facebook, which was huge for me

The pet hate

I hate when drivers don't say thanks for certain gestures of kindness on the road

The friend

My friend Paula; she's mad

The beauty product

Mac ruby-red lipstick

The holiday

New York. I lived there for two weeks when I was young, and my family are there. It's a magical city

The drink

Gin and tonic. Hydrate while you dehydrate - no hangover, unless you have 25

The hotel

The Westbury. It's so cosy. I love treating myself to a drink there with my mam over Christmas

The smell

My baby's head. Is that creepy?

The bar

A Mars bar - I'm also partial to a Twix with tea

The hobby

The breakfast show on 2fm from 7am until 10am. It's a hoot, probably not very good for my health, but it gets me out of the house

The part of my body

My forehead. I've been told it's exceptional

The celebrity

Marty Morrissey - is there anyone else?

The virtue

People say I'm very tolerant. Normally straight after, I tell them I have recently spent 14-hour days with Bernard O'Shea because of the radio show and filming Bridget and Eamon

The vice

Impatience, anger, self-loathing, guilt! Oh my god, I have terrible guilt if I eat bread. I blame Keith Walsh for that

The taste

Beer. A good beer now, like Budweiser

'Bridget and Eamon' starts on February 1 on RTE2

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