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I've caught childminders having an affair with the husband, and I've seen them abuse children - Irish private investigator

When a spouse is caught having an affair, it's devastating for the family, Liam A Brady says. Photo: Stock photo
When a spouse is caught having an affair, it's devastating for the family, Liam A Brady says. Photo: Stock photo
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

An Irish private investigator and veteran senior detective has lifted the lid on how couples who don’t fully vet their children’s nanny or creche can end up regretting it down the line.

Liam A Brady (63), who has worked as a professional investigator for 42 years, and developed his own “nanny cam” over 35 years ago says he has seen “everything and anything” in relation to negligent and abusive nannies.

He has seen nannies perpetrate and facilitate horrific abuse of children, steal food and money from families, and drug the children with Calpol or alcohol.

And his services have also been engaged by wives who are suspicious that their husband is having an affair with the nanny or childminder.

“I have caught nannies that have other people hidden living in the house, nannies that would have been abusing and sexually abusing the children.”

“It was a desperate situation where money had been stolen in this house by what was suspected to be the cleaner. It turned out not to be the cleaner but the babyminder.”

“The babyminder was caught not only taking the money but she was caught out on several different things, like removing a lot of food from the house; and she used to feed the child with Calpol to get the child to sleep.”

More often than not, problems happen when the childminder hasn’t been fully vetted. Parents must do their own vetting beyond asking the childminder to provide proof that they’re garda vetted, Mr Brady insists. References and driver’s licences can be forged, for example, so parents must be scrupulous before they hire their childminder.

Mr Brady, who was appointed Peace Commissioner by the Department of Justice in 1991 and Commissioner for Oaths by the Supreme Court in 2016, is quick to point also out that good professional nannies do great work and can develop important caring bonds with children.

“The most serious case that we had was child abuse. The children were being videoed while being sexually abused. On several occasions we’ve come across that.”

“You then have children that are being overdosed with Calpol, and the child can sleep for 8 hours then. They obviously sweat a lot while they sleep and then they’re cleaned by the time the parents come home.”

“A lot of nannies leave the children in soiled nappies until the parents ring to say they’re on way home, which parents have a habit of doing. That’s when all hell breaks loose to get everything cleaned up and tidied.”

“You have the nannies who’ve had affairs in the house with the husband. The mother is away quite a lot. The father is there, and affairs have developed. The husband and the nanny are just there on their own and it turns out that they just get romantically involved, an affair develops and that affair ends up devastating everything.”

“When they come to me they have a suspicion, a feeling that there is something wrong. That’s normal. In any case of adultery or whatever.”

“We’ve had situations where we’ve had nannies raped by the husband. We’ve had sexual abuse from women towards nannies as well, and when the nanny complains about the sexual abuse [then we install the cameras]. Or if a husband has raped the nanny, the wife will have the cameras put in the house. That’s happened several times.”

Negligent nannies who’ve been watched by Brady and his team have also been caught feeding the wrong foods to children on restrictive diets for serious illnesses.

“For diabetics, for example, the nanny would give them a lollipop or a sweet to pacify them. They’d take a lollipop out of their bag and give it to them.”

He added: “We’ve had children scalded, children killed, everything you can imagine that’s happened.”

“The types of accidents are huge. I had a case not too long ago where I put in the cameras and this girl was allowing her boyfriend to sexually abuse the little girl and film it. That’s how big a problem it is.”

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