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Pat Rabbitte

Pat Rabbitte

Pat Rabbitte

It's said that a politician complaining about the media is like a sailor moaning about the sea - but that didn't stop one irate TD alleging this week that RTE would rather cover "pigs flying up O'Connell Street" than events in his native Limerick.

Of course they would. Such a sight would be a major scoop, as pigs are traditionally flightless creatures whose sole purpose is to be turned into rashers. RTE would be mad not to go big on that.

Pat Rabbitte was equally confused, as he accused the national broadcaster of being a "recruiting sergeant" for the hard left over its coverage of Irish Water. If that's true, the former Minister should be delighted, because RTE couldn't organise the proverbial shindig in a shebeen most days, never mind a communist revolution.

Then there were the various talking heads who told the Banking Inquiry in midweek that the Irish media had inflated the housing bubble by peddling "property porn". Presumably if the Left had their way, Location, Location, Location would be renamed Aspiring To Live In Nice Houses Is Part Of The Problem, Comrade

To be honest, I never realised the media had so much power. In fact, call me crazy, but have the conspiracy theorists ever considered the more mundane possibility that we just fell for the hype too and ended up with something much more unpleasant than egg on our faces when the crash hit the fan? You know, like everyone else?

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