Sunday 21 January 2018

Irish granny Siobhan devastated after unravelling relationship with internet conman: ‘My trust is very low and I feel broken... I’m lost’

Dublin grandmother Siobhan revealed that she has lost confidence in dating
Dublin grandmother Siobhan revealed that she has lost confidence in dating
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An Irish grandmother said she is “broken” and “lost” after discovering the person she had developed feelings for online turned out to be an internet conman looking for cash.

Dublin grandmother Siobhan revealed that she has lost confidence in dating after her month-long online relationship with a British man turned out to be part of an elaborate scam for money.

“He seemed too good to be true and I should have probably listened to my gut,” said Siobhan speaking to The Anton Savage Show on Today FM.

“I set up my profile and did what you do. I had a few people get in contact with me and I chatted away. Then I got a message from a so-called person in England.

“It was over a month in total. It built up very quickly. He was emailing me every day and ringing me. He was a personal trainer with his own business,” she said.

Siobhan, who is a carer, revealed that the man was messaging her every day and she began to develop feelings for him when he told her he was making plans to visit Ireland.

“We’d talk about his children, his work, my own children,” said Siobhan.

“He said his wife was dead and I did ask him about his children. It was more about his work.

“The hard part was he sent me photos of his children and him and I sent him photos of me, my children and grandchildren.

“Things started to look up, things were brighter and I began waking up happy,” she said.

“He wanted to come over here and it was so believable that my very savvy best friend believed it.

“We all believed it. It was believable.”

The grandmother revealed that she was excited about the man’s visit to Ireland, where they had discussed spending the weekend together to get to know one another better.

“He said he was taking two weeks holidays. He was coming for the weekend and we were going to spend the weekend together and get to know one another better.

“I was very excited. I went out and bought new shoes and different things.

“He had said would I meet him at the airport. We had discussed things in great detail,” said Siobhan.

However, things soon turned sour when Siobhan’s love interest began requesting money to fund the purchase of his gym equipment in Singapore.

“He said he was visiting Singapore and he rang and told me everything was going well over there. Then he rang and said he didn’t realise the VAT over in Singapore was so expensive and there was an extra €14,000 for the machinery to get it out of the country.

“Straight away my stomach just dropped. Immediately something clicked inside of me.

“I knew I was being had but I kept telling myself to stop being so negative.

“He rang again and said he got it down to €10,000 but he couldn’t get the €4,000. Then he said he just needed €1,200,” said Siobhan.

The grandmother revealed that she has blocked the man from her phone after his true intentions were revealed.

“He told me that he would send me statements to prove that he was real.

“He said if I really cared I would help him out.

“I told him I don’t have it and I’m not giving it to you. I don’t have money to give.

“My daughter’s partner is working away here and thanks to him he blocked the numbers on my phone,” she said.

The woman revealed that she has been left completely disheartened by the experience and believes she is done with the online dating scene.

“You’re a human being whether you’re behind a laptop or not. We’re all human.

“I’m telling all the Irish men and Irish women who are on these dating sites to remember that there’s people with feelings.

“You’d want to be very tough to not let it bring you down.

“My trust is very low and I feel broken. I was let down in the relationship before I met this online persona.

“I don’t know where I stand. I’m lost,” she said.

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