Tuesday 23 January 2018

Irish business top 5... Leading Ladies

Louise Phelan, a senior executive at PayPal
Louise Phelan, a senior executive at PayPal
Enterprise Ireland CEO Julie Sinnamon
Cathriona Hallahan, MD at Microsoft Ireland
Breege O'Donoghue, Executive Director at Penneys (centre).
Anne O'Leary, CEO at Vodafone Ireland

Pat Fitzpatrick

As we talk to mothers about their experiences of returning to work, our reporter looks at some women who are at the top of Irish business

1 Louise Phelan

Louise is a senior executive at PayPal. The company that makes it easier to shop online, says you, trying to squeeze past a pair of matching exercise bicycles in your front room. Online shopping after a night on the piss - what could possibly go wrong? We are developing a product to help Scottish people resist crazy online shopping after a few too many bevvies. It's called StopPal. Another product we have in mind is an online store for Yorkshire people. That's called eBayGum. Sorry.

2 Julie Sinnamon

Julie is CEO at Enterprise Ireland, having moved there from the IDA. Enterprise Ireland helps Irish enterprises compete and grow in global markets. On the other hand, the IDA stands at street corners in major capitals around the world and shouts, "12.5pc, 12.5pc, anyone there now for the last of the rock-bottom corporate tax rates in our welcoming tax haven, I mean country?" Only messing. They take business leaders out on the piss as well.

3 Anne O'Leary

Anne is the CEO at Vodafone Ireland. I don't know how mobile phone companies make money, says you, as your kids stream Frozen using data roaming in Malaga airport. The mobile phone was revolutionary in Ireland. Suddenly you could ring ahead to tell people you were going to be late, rather than turning up half-cut and saying, "What's your problem?" Irish people. Admired for our punctuality. By maybe the Greeks and no one else.

4 Cathriona Hallahan

MD at Microsoft Ireland. A lot of their competitors say people should avoid Windows, but we can see right through them. (Sorry.) Others say that Microsoft is The Dark Empire. We say avoid people who use Star Wars analogies. They've probably spent a lot of time alone at home, playing with their lightsabre, when they could have been playing with themselves, says you, missing the double entendre completely.

5 Breege O'Donoghue

Executive Director at Penneys. In every other market, Penneys is a byword for stylish clothes at an incredibly cheap price. Here, it means, I am Irish and must undo your extravagant compliment. Let's look at an example. "I really love your dress." "Penneys." The rise of Penneys in Ireland means that a lot of people here no longer own a washing machine. Explain why, says you, opening the latest 100-pack of knickers that you bought for a fiver.

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