Tuesday 17 September 2019

Irish accents top the list of things British people love most about Ireland

Irish accents are the things most loved about Ireland by people in the UK
Irish accents are the things most loved about Ireland by people in the UK
Fr Ted ranked fourth in the survey about things most admired about Ireland by the Brits.
Guinness ranked second in the things the British most love about Ireland
Bob Geldof ranked 25th in the things Brits most love about Ireland.

Ruth Cawley

An Irish accent is the thing most admired about Ireland by the British new research has revealed.

A survey which took into account the opinions of more than 2000 people in the UK found that the way we speak is one of their favourite things about Ireland.

Somewhat stereotypically Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Cream rate second and third on the list respectively and is followed by Irish stew and Steak and Guinness pie.

Popular comedy Father Ted landed sixth on the list in the research conducted by Bookies William Hill.

Spokesman Jon Ivan-Duke said: “There is much to celebrate when it comes to Irish culture and the things it offers.

“Whether it’s world-class music acts, the iconic pint of Guinness or real sporting passion, it’s a small country with a lot to shout about and much of it is embraced in Britain. It comes as no great surprise that Guinness came out so high on the list,” he said.

This week, more than 200,000 pints of Guinness are expected to be consumed at Cheltenham the pinnacle of the racing year.

“Last year over 236,472 pints of Guinness were consumed at the festival and with so many Irish favourites this year we expect that number to be beaten,” said Ivan-Duke.

It’s not just Ireland’s booze and stews that are attractive to the British as actors Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrell and James Nesbitt also made the top ten on the list.

Other actors, including Michael Gambon and Chris O’Dowd were also polled in the top 50.

Irish band The Pogues, responsible for one of the most iconic Christmas songs, came tenth on the list.

Unsurprisingly, leprechauns and our green landscapes were also quite popular.

Sports stars, including them Rory McIlroy, Roy Keane, Ruby Walsh and Tony McCoy were also included in the list which also found that Irish jockeys were favoured by 60pc of people for the forthcoming victories at Cheltenham.

The Top 50 Greatest Irish Things

  1. The Irish accent
  2. Guinness
  3. Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
  4. Irish stew
  5. Steak and Guinness pie
  6. Father Ted
  7. Pierce Brosnan
  8. James Nesbitt
  9. Colin Farrell
  10. The Pogues
  11. Singer Enya
  12. Irish bars and pubs   
  13. Riverdance 
  14. Snow Patrol     
  15. Rolling green hills  
  16. U2   
  17. Sinead O’Connor
  18. Bacon and cabbage   
  19. St Patrick’s Day
  20. Four-leaf clovers
  21. Ronan Keating  
  22. Thin Lizzy
  23. The Script
  24. Actor Chris O’Dowd      
  25. Bob Geldof
  26. Jameson Irish whiskey         
  27. Kenneth Branagh
  28. The Corrs
  29. Westlife
  30. The “luck of the Irish”
  31. Actor Michael Gambon 
  32. Van Morrison
  33. Father Ted actor Dermot Morgan
  34. The Boomtown Rats 35. Boyzone
  35. World golf No1 Rory McIlroy
  36. The Cranberries
  37. Jockey Ruby Walsh
  38. Author/Father Ted actress Pauline McLynn
  39. Leprechauns
  40. The Undertones
  41. The Shamrock
  42. Jockey Tony McCoy
  43. Actor Cillian Murphy
  44. Bono
  45. X Factor judge Louis Walsh
  46. Singer Danny O’Donoghue
  47. Roy Keane   
  48. Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  49. Former Westlife singer Kian Egan

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