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Introducing... Meet smooth-voiced singer Ovie Etseyatse


Ovie photographed by Mark David Acoba

Ovie photographed by Mark David Acoba

Ovie photographed by Mark David Acoba

The singer-songwriter on how moving to Naas from South Africa was such a big culture shock for him and the influence Michael Jackson has had on him.

Age: 28.

From: Nigeria and then came to Kildare when he was 12.

Beginnings: When singer-songwriter Ovie Etseyatse was growing up in Nigeria, he couldn't stop singing and dancing. "Michael Jackson was my musical hero. I was in awe of him and I mimicked him."

A different world: Coming to Naas was a big culture shock. "I came from the African heat to winter in Ireland. Every little thing was so weird for me. If someone said, 'That's savage', I would get offended. I didn't understand anything."

Reclusive: "There were three black people in my school and it wasn't easy. No one was racist but I just didn't fit in. I became reclusive and that's where the music started."

Success: He wrote songs, recorded them on his computer and bought a camera to shoot his own videos. They are pop R&B. He released them on YouTube. Now he has two careers. He makes pop videos for other artists including Nathan Carter and he does his own music. Signed to Universal, Dublin Girl was released in 2019 and had over 450k views. His latest track, One More Time, is out now. "I get anxious if I'm not achieving something. I'm a perfectionist, I want to create a body of work. I can't control the luck, only the hard work."

Instagram: @ov.ie

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