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Insider Life: Charlotte Bradshaw, salon director

Charlotte Bradshaw pictured in their salon on South William Street in Dublin. Photo: El Keegan.
Charlotte Bradshaw pictured in their salon on South William Street in Dublin. Photo: El Keegan.

Charlotte is MD of the Dylan Bradshaw Salon, Academy and brand. She lives in Enniskerry, Wicklow, with her husband Dylan and three sons Oscar (8), Ethan (5) and Dexter (2).

"With three boys under eight, mornings are always mental. You're up at 7am, feeding kids, making lunches, getting uniforms on and getting out the door. Thankfully, we only live five minutes away from the school. A few days a week at least, it's straight on into the salon (on South William Street) for me.

You'd think that I would spend a lot of time in the mornings on my appearance given the job I'm in, but it's the last thing on my mind. I work mainly in the office, and the staff in the salon are all so beautiful and glam, it sort of keeps you on your toes. When you have kids, it's very tempting to stick the hair up and not worry about it, but there's the motivation there to look smart on the job.

I worked as a financial controller with (nightclub owner) Robbie Fox for years. I met Dylan at a charity bash that Caroline Downey put on for the Christina Noble Foundation. I'd heard Robbie talk about Dylan for years, so I knew of him before I met him.

Dylan and I had our respective jobs then, about nine years ago, a fortune-teller came to a party I was at and read my fortune. She said, 'why are you running someone else's business when you could be working with your own family business?' She also told me I was pregnant, which I didn't even believe. I went home and said it to Dylan, and later we found out that we were indeed pregnant. So after that I threw myself into running Dylan's business.

I thought that us working together would be difficult, but the thing is that I never see Dylan. I'm often in the office upstairs, and he is with the team who runs the salon. That or he's on a shoot, or on location, or touring with bands. Dylan looks after the creative side of things, and I'm good on the research. As a woman with kids, I know what people want out of a salon. I know that a lot of women think of getting their hair done as not much more than a necessity. That's why we wanted to make it an experience. We've also started doing express blowdry appointments at 7am, and already they've become hugely popular. DB Face (Dylan's make-up range) was an idea we both had together. We come up with these ideas lying in bed at night, although I do have a rule in place where we try to not talk about business at home.

We're on South William Street, which is like the Savile Row of hairdressing in Dublin. I don't worry about the competition at all: it's healthy and it keeps us on our toes. We keep an eye on what our opponents are doing, but we focus more on what we're at.

We don't tend to get out (on the social scene) so much these days, mainly because we're so tired. We get invited to loads of things, and we go to one or two of them. We don't go to be seen; we go to support our clients in their endeavours. I flew back from the Love, Rosie premiere in London, mainly because we wanted to show support for Cecelia (Ahern).

I have an office at home, and sometimes I get more done in there than in the salon. I have some great girlfriends and I love to meet them for lunch before I pick the boys up from school. We sit down as a family for dinner when Dylan comes home. It's really important to me to talk to the boys about what's going in their lives; I always want to have that channel open between us, especially as they get older.

I don't tend to go out too much in the evenings, because when Dylan comes home after being away, I like to be home. Dylan watches very different TV to me: he likes watching golf and documentaries, whereas I love, love, love reality TV, like Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

To unwind in the evenings, I like to sit in the office and catch up on paperwork. I love going into my home office with a mug of tea: I must drink about 15 cups a day. I work until late; anyone that knows me gets emails as late as 2am. That might only happen once a week, because if I don't get at least seven hours of sleep I'm like a crab in the mornings. Luckily, I don't tend to have a problem sleeping. As my mum says, I could sleep on broken bottles."

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