Monday 16 July 2018

'I could smell my Mam's cancer before the doctors diagnosed her' - Irish mystic on using her 'gift' to help others

Mark McConville

Mark McConville

An Irish woman who believes she can smell sickness in the people she meets is determined to use her talents for the greater good.

“I only recently found out that I can see what seems like an energy around everything and people. It's like a bubble, an extra layer around... even animals, trees, people,” Samantha Robinson told 

Describing herself as a mystic, “a person who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect”, the Dublin-born woman said she has lived a very different life to what a 'normal' person would be used to.

Mystic ‘gift’ since childhood

The mum-of-four said that she has confided in her own mother about the ‘special gift’ that has been bestowed on her since early childhood.

“I've had conversations with my Mam about it and described to her what I could see when I look at people and things. I told her I've always seen like an energy around people, I thought everyone could see that but she told me they couldn't,” said Samantha.

Samantha's mother Patricia Robinson said that she didn't realise just how special her daughter was until she got older.

It's a gift she has - but I wouldn't want it. I don't think anybody want her gift because it makes her feel physically ill,” said Patricia.

“When Samantha was younger she tried to run away from [the gift], but it doesn't work. When you are chosen, you can't give a gift back, so she tries now not to be afraid of it”. 

Patricia also revealed a number of unexplained occurrences that have happened to both herself and her daughter in their new home in Roscommon.

“One time last year, when things were going on in Samantha's, I was in the bathroom and there was this big knocking on the wall. I can't describe it, only like a knocking; needless to say, I ran out. I'm a terrible coward. 

“I don't know how she survives, because I wouldn't be able for any of it. I really wouldn't”. 

Samantha shared some of the spiritual encounters that she said she has experienced – and still experiences on a regular basis. 

“I've had experiences during my sleep, like something is pulling on my leg, getting poked, my hair was getting pulled,” she said.

“I had people like my husband's cousin, who passed away, and I was getting visitations from others who had passed on. I wasn't being left alone for a long time. 

“At the beginning I didn't understand what was happening or why. But as I have gotten older I've learned that it's not something I can hide or run away from”. 

Smelling sickness

One area in Samantha's life that she maintains has gained strength over the years is her ability to 'smell sickness'.

I knew my Mam was sick, I knew it was cancer, I knew where it was and I didn't want to frighten her"

“I was getting this smell off [my Mam] for a year and a half, nearly two years. I didn't want to say where it was, what it was - but I did',” she said. 

“It turned out that I was right and everything I said to my Mam then was correct. The doctors said the same thing to her. I was very sad obviously, I didn't want to be right.” 

Samantha said that her ‘gift’ in smelling illness in people began to happen on a more regular basis.

“One time, I was in the shop and I was talking to the guy behind the counter and could smell something. I came in and there wasn't a bother on me, then he changed. I could see like a grey come over him and I knew he was sick,” she said. 

“It's a horrible smell, like rotting flesh. It does scare me because it can happen anywhere and you can tell by the look on my face when it happens because I become very ill myself. The smell makes me feel sick.” 

Samantha said that, describe the nausea and illness that she undergoes, she would like to help people with her gift – especially since her mother’s diagnosis. 

“If [my Mam] had listened to me two years ago, sometimes I wondered if she would have got so sick. But the type of cancer it is, it's not incurable and they said she would have been sick anyway, but probably not as sick,” she said.

“But after that I would now have the courage to open my mouth this time and speak and say to people without really hoping I would offend them and for them to think I was crazy or something.” 

Unwanted gift 

Even though Samantha has now found a new meaning to her life, there are certain areas of her gift she refuses to allow enter it.

I'm not into ouija boards, I'm not into fortune tellers, I'm not into mediums."

I wouldn't do that because firstly it's against my religion and secondly I would be afraid,” she said.

“Some experiences I've had during my life are bad enough without delving into that kind of thing. If I was delving into that I could make things much worse”.

 One of Samantha’s main worries now has is that she's passed her gift onto two of her children.

 “I don't know much about passing on a gift, but two of my children are very like me. And obviously they have experienced certain things. I'm their mother and that's the only explanation I can think of,” she said.

 “I wished they didn't have the gift, because my life hasn't been easy and I don't want this for my children.” 

Samantha has released an insight to her visions in the book 'The New World Of Spike and Friends'

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