Monday 18 December 2017

How to stay healthy on weekends

Tip three: Seek out wholesome food haunts.
Tip three: Seek out wholesome food haunts.
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

After a hard week, it’s tempting to let loose and ditch your healthy habits from the week before. It’s easy to reach for the treats and comfort foods: tantalising weekend brunch menus can be hard to ignore.

Sure, you’ll deserve a treat or two, but how do you allow yourself little treats and time to "switch-off" while remaining disciplined at the same time?

1. ‘Going for one’ on Friday night. It all begins here. One drink leads to two, which leads to three... and a kebab and chips at the end of the night, not to mention the copious amounts of carbohydrates for "soakage" the next day as well. Here’s a tip: Allow yourself one or two drinks on Friday night, with a pint of water in between each drink. Bring in a healthy meal to work which you can have just before leaving for the pub – at least now you’ll have a healthy meal inside you, you’ll feel full, and your stomach will be well and truly lined.

2. Stock your fridge with lots of healthy snacks for the weekend. You can bring these on your walks, on your shopping trips, and when your cravings start while you're sitting in front of the tv.

3. Seek out wholesome food haunts. Ireland is now awash with restaurants that offer healthy options on their menus.Wholesome slaws, avocado smoothies, buckwheat pancakes, and healthy curries are now widely on offer. Make an informed choice when ordering your meals - just ask the waiting staff what they can offer, and maybe even ring ahead to avoid the embarrassment of asking for the healthy choices in front of your dining friends.

4. Plan an extra-long workout. Now that you’re not rushing from work to your work-out, you might even enjoy the excercise. Try something new. Find a “Slí na Sláinte” near you, or any space in nature to let loose and keep active. Go old school, and take out a skipping rope.

5. Take lots of rest and drink lots of water. Winter is time to hibernate, and a tired and dehydrated body will crave the wrong kinds of foods. If you’re well rested and hydrated, it’ll help keep your head clear and help you to make good food choices.

6. Cook and create: Tackle a new recipe from your favourite cookbook. With a little help from any good food writer, you'll have a healthy meal that’s fit for a king.

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