Thursday 22 February 2018

How to ditch dieting for good (but still stay healthy)

Takeaway foods in moderation, such as pizza, won't harm you
Takeaway foods in moderation, such as pizza, won't harm you
Making exercise part of your everyday activities will ensure you keep fit and healthy
Health supplements

Make exercise part of your every day life, not something you do in fits and spurts

Working out should be something you do all the time, not just when you're trying to shape up. We're advised to do 150 minutes of exercise per week just to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but how many of us are actually doing that? According to Karl, it's all about finding something that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. "You have to find exercise that you enjoy. If it's fun, you will do it in the long term."

Don't feel like you have to cut out the things you love

Because if you truly love them, you will want to experience them from time to time. Eliminating whole food groups like carbs or sugar just means that you're likely to reach for them when you're low, tired or even if you're happy and having a good time. Brona says we can do that, and still be healthy. "Life is for living, but if you feel guilty and have a negative emotion about food, you're going to have a negative response."

Be realistic

You might know people who are incredibly determined and who achieve amazing physical feats, but you must remember, that kind of lifestyle doesn't suit everybody - you're not a failure because you can't crack nuts with your buttocks. James Murphy of Zest Fitness says we need to set realistic goals. "If you say to yourself 'I'll go to the gym every single day and eat perfectly', as soon as you don't achieve this goal perfectly, you immediately feel negative and like you failed."

Eat real food

Don't feel like you must survive on grub from the health shop, or take tons of supplements. Avoid the baddies (sugar, artificial sweeteners, takeaways, refined carbohydrates and alcohol) most of the time, but treat yourself often too.

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