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How can a rape scene ever be tasteful?

You may remember the madness of a few year's ago when a campaign was launched to have Deirdre Barlow released from jail. It gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition and the plight of this innocent woman was even raised in the House of Commons.

Deirdre Barlow, of course, was the character played by the recently deceased Corrie actress Anne Kirkbride and everyone knew it was a joke, a bit of a laugh, not real life.

That was in 1998, but at some point in the last 17 years we have become, as a culture, immeasurably more stupid than we were back then.

The latest example of the Grayt Dumbening (as nobody but me calls it) is surely this week's fury over the rape scene in Game of Thrones. Sansa Stark married ­swivel-eyed sadist Ramsay Bolton who, when not skinning people alive, likes to engage in the kind of recreational torture which has even extended as far as castrating one character, Theon, and sending the dismembered member to the victim's family.

In other words, and maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, he's a bit of a bad 'un, is our Ramsay.

Monday's wedding night rape scene was all about humiliation, and not just for Sansa. After all, Ramsay - who is fast becoming a compelling villain - insisted that involuntary eunuch Theon stayed and watched the ordeal.

Now critics, led by a US Senator, have called for a boycott of the show because the offending scene was 'disgusting.'

Of course, there wasn't a peep when the unfortunate Theon was castrated, but tell me - aren't rape scenes meant to be disgusting?

Isn't that the point?

Indo Review