Thursday 23 May 2019

The Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent to publish two-part gardening magazine series

How does your garden grow? As spring turns to summer, the Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent team up to publish a two-part gardening magazine packed with ideas and inspiration to tempt you outdoors. Get some growing inspiration from our nation’s gardeners, Diarmuid Gavin and Gerry Daly as they tell us how they put their gardening aspirations into practice in their own homes.

In the first part of our new season gardening series, which will be published on Saturday 10 of March, Diarmuid Gavin helps you create your dream garden, with inspiration from the latest horticultural fashions and a raft of creative quick fixes to maximise your garden’s potential.

There are practical guides to essential gardening tools, growing in small spaces, sowing seeds from scratch, vertical planting and creating an edible garden.  Learn how to craft a wildlife wilderness that will keep children out of doors and interested in their natural environment, and choose from Diarmuid’s top 20 plants to plant now and enjoy all year. There’s horticultural highlights for spring, and a little black book of favourite garden suppliers.

Then on Sunday, March 11, pick up the Sunday Independent for the second part of our series where expert Gerry Daly covers your growing ‘how tos’ – how to identify your soil type, improve your soil, make crumbly compost, have a velveteen lawn, tempt kids into the garden, choose the best trees and shrubs as well as Gerry’s calendar of what to do in the garden right now. Plus well-known green-fingered folk tell us how they garden and why it is their passion.

Gerry shows beginners – kids and grown-ups - how to get growing; Plus, Victoria Mary Clarke reveals how she uses garden time to work out; we join GIY’s Mick Kelly to learn how to grow, cook and eat his favourite veg and ask Ireland’s green-fingered heroes for their trend forecasts for 2018.  The owners of three knockout gardens share their tips; while organic grower Klaus Leitenberger tells us why he has finally decided to be kind to slugs.

Create your dream garden this weekend with our two-part gardening magazine, packed with ideas to get growing and cooking.

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