Tuesday 17 September 2019

Revealed: The biggest killer on Irish electricity bills

Patricia Murphy

The fear that comes with forgetting to turn the immersion heater off is one that all Irish people can identify with, but energy experts have revealed that the mistake is the biggest killer when it comes to sky high electricity bills.

Enda Gunnell, chief executive of Pinergy, admitted that the biggest killer on Irish electricity bills is the immersion heater as well as ovens, irons, and dryers, even if they are just used for a short period of time.

"Often we have our immersion on a timer, which still goes off, even if there's nobody in the house, or needing a shower or bath which is a waste of electricity. We boil kettles repeatedly, boil pots of water for more people than are actually present, leave unnecessary devices on standby for months. All these things contribute to waste," said Gunnell, speaking at house 2016 in Dublin's RDS this weekend.

The efficiency expert admitted that those hoping to cut down their bills should also consider making the switch to LED lights which use 80pc less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

"We've been bringing LED lighting to our customers. If you replace old incandescent bulbs with LED lighting, it will us 80pc less electricity for the same output," he said.

The Pinergy spokesperson, who is giving talks on the inspiration stage of house 2016 throughout the weekend, revealed that the company is encouraging customers to approach and understand their electricity consumption in order to reap the savings.

"Understanding your consumption patterns is the key. Those who use smart technology like what's on offer at Pinergy reduce their consumption by 11pc on average, some even reduce it by 20pc. We've approached electricity consumption in a smart way, and that's why Pinergy customers are experiencing smart savings on their bills.

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