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The perfect cover up... How to find the right rug

Choosing the right rug is easy with these simple steps

Your front sofa legs should sit on the rug
Your front sofa legs should sit on the rug
Mainie Jellett rug, Ceadogan
Nomadic circular rug, from €285 at Debenhams
Funk rug, from €750 from Debenhams
Raj Kilim rug, €110 at Marks & Spencer

Emily Westbrooks

Choosing a fitting rug for your space can be a tough decision. Too big and your furniture looks tiny, but too small and it will look out of place. Some rugs are too busy, and others are too boring. But if you get the rug equation right, it can give your room just the right look and feel.

There are a few tricks that'll make your rug search and decision-making process a lot simpler. First, make sure the rug doesn't come too close to the walls but leaves enough room for your sofa and chairs to sit comfortably. Or if you have wall-to-wall carpet, layering area rugs over it is the latest trend that produces an ultra-cosy result.

Ceadogan Creates

Ceadogan is known for working with Irish artists to create rugs that double as works of art. Based in Co Wicklow, Ceadogan regularly works with well-known artists to create unique and bold rugs for the home and for commercial properties. Owner Denis Kelly talked us through their creative process.

When working with artists to design a new rug range, Denis explains, "Invariably the process starts with and benefits from the artist visiting our workshops and yarn stores to get a feel for what we do, and experience the process first-hand. We then proceed to rough design drafts and on to making samples until both parties feel the design works on an artistic level."

Denis recommends acting quickly to remedy any stain: "The sooner the response, the better the chances of complete removal."

Lovely Layers

With low-pile, wall-to-wall carpeting in a neutral colour, you can layer thin area rugs over the carpet to add personality. Opt for kilim-style rugs or geometric styles in similar colours, and layer rugs imperfectly to create a boho look.

buy it: Raj Kilim rug, €110 at Marks & Spencer

Separate Spaces

Many of us have combined living and dining spaces in the same room, and using two different rugs in those spaces can instantly create two living areas in one room. For your dining table, make sure your rug is 30cm wider on each side, which leaves room for dining chairs. For a round dining table, we love this circular rug from Debehams.

buy it: Nomadic circular rug, from €285 at Debenhams

Strict on Size

Start with this rule for a living room rug: it should be at least 24cm wider than your sofa on either side. You can go larger, but it should never be closer than 12cm from the wall. Your front sofa legs should sit on the edge.

Print Dictator

If you're moving into a new place or are considering a full makeover, let a bold rug dictate the decor for your room. Adding a bold rug to existing decor can be tricky, but starting with a clean slate means you can splash out with a strong print and build the rest of the room around the rug.

buy it: Funk rug, from €750 from

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