Monday 23 April 2018

Six easy ways to hide away clutter in style

Brimnes bed from Ikea
Brimnes bed from Ikea
Wicker baskets, starting at €50 from Industry, Dublin
Red coat rack, €30 from Tiger Stores nationwide
Palm Tree jewellery stand, Oliver Bonas, €36 at
Patterned footstool in duck egg from DFS, €400
Merlin coat rack in yellow from CA Design at €65,
Jewellery frame - Emily Westbrooks

Emily Westbrooks

We all know the saying: "A place for everything and everything in its place." Well, that dictum is a whole lot easier to put into practice when those places are stylish, clever, or even downright adorable.

Cleaning up clutter is a daily chore, so we might as well make sure our storage solutions add some personality and style to our homes as well. Setting your house in order instantly becomes more enjoyable when you throw a few patterned baskets, quirky jewellery organisers or a fun coat rack into the mix.

These six stylish storage solutions will put a smile on your face when it comes time to tidy…

Make the Bed

Under-bed storage is great for three reasons: We can all use an extra few drawers for storing the heavy duvet or extra bed linens out of season. You'll save yourself the cost of buying boxes. And finally, you'll never have to clean the dust bunnies from under the bed!

Buy it: Brimnes bed, €225, Ikea

Coat Rack Cool

Coat racks add instant personality and a little sophistication to a room, especially when they're a quirky shape or bright colour. We love the lines of this rack from Tiger, but make sure not to overload it with jackets and outerwear so you can still see the cheerful colour peeking through.

Buy it: Red coat rack, €30, Tiger stores, nationwide

At Your Feet

Comfort teams up with form and function in a footstool with storage. Rest your weary feet and don't waste an inch of space with a storage ottoman, which can be useful for making sure remote controls or extra blankets have a place to hide away. Then, top with a tea tray to turn it into a table. This storage stool from DFS is particularly pretty, adding style to your room with a beautiful duck egg colour and peacock print.

Buy it: Patterned footstool in duck egg, €400, DFS

Nice Necklaces

What is it about necklaces that no matter how careful you are, they still manage to tangle themselves while they're tucked away in a drawer? The best storage solution is to use a beautiful jewellery stand on top of a dresser. They won't tangle and they'll add a little sparkle to your room.

Buy it: Palm Tree jewellery stand, €36, Oliver Bonas,

Hook 'Em

Hooks are a super way to add sneaky storage, but keep in mind that hooks on the back of every door and in every nook and cranny will quickly make your home feel cluttered. Instead, be strategic in where you choose to place them. Try hanging a pretty set of hooks in the hallway for keys, in the kitchen for aprons and tea towels, or in the bedroom for your hat collection or pretty scarves. For your less beautiful accessories, opt for a set of hooks on the inside of a wardrobe door that can be closed over to tidy away clutter in a flash.

Buy it: Merlin coat rack in yellow, €65, CA Design,

Baskets & Bins

I'll admit, I've never met a basket or a bin that I didn't like. They're so functional for hiding away clutter, and there are so many stylish options out there. For cosy blankets or your ever-growing stack of interiors magazines, opt for baskets. For the messier objects - like all those electrical cords that seem to multiply while we aren't looking - stick with bins with lids, tucking those unsightly chargers out of sight when they're not in use.

Buy it: Wicker baskets, starting at €50, Industry,

DIY organiser

Another simple and inexpensive way to store jewellery is a cute DIY jewellery organiser. To make one, you'll need just a few supplies from the attic or local hardware store: an old frame, paint and a brush, chicken wire and wire cutters, screw-in hooks and a staple gun.

Remove the glass from the frame and paint it a bright colour. While the paint is drying, cut the chicken wire to size using wire cutters. You'll want it to be a little bigger than the opening of the frame. Staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame and screw in the hooks at the top of the frame, in front of the wire.

You should have your very own DIY jewellery organiser in under an hour! You'll now be able to hang necklaces from the hooks and clip earrings into the chicken wire for an inexpensive storage solution that'll add a little pizazz to your dresser.

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