Friday 27 April 2018

Marble masters: How to get luxe look on a budget

Find those classic stools at Furniture Village ( for €250
Find those classic stools at Furniture Village ( for €250
Marble wall clock, €280, including shipping, at Amara,
Love Smile (
Bath accessory set, €20 at House of Fraser
Bloomingville Marble cushion, €60 at Amara (
Marble coffee table, €99 at Littlewoods Ireland

Emily Westbrooks

For centuries, marble has been a material that signifies luxury. Of course, it typically comes with a hefty price tag to match. But marble is making a resurgence in interior décor for the masses and thankfully we can all now get in on the action.

If the perfect marble waterfall countertops aren't in your kitchen overhaul budget, you're not alone. But fear not, we've managed to round up the next best thing: budget-friendly marble (and faux marble) options for a range of bank balances so we can all have a dose of that cool stone in our homes. From clocks to cushions to coffee tables, the luxe trend is now within reach. 

Chasing Waterfalls

If we're going to dream about fantasy kitchens, we may as well go all out with a marble waterfall countertop. Paired with dark walls and just a pop of colour, it makes for an ultra sophisticated fantasy kitchen.

Buy it: Find those classic stools at Furniture Village ( for €250

Pillow Talk

Bloomingville Marble cushion, €60 at Amara (

If marble is a little too hard or heavy for you, what about a marble printed cushion in perfect trompe l'oeil? This cushion by Amara adds a nice printed texture without being too overpowering.

Buy it: Bloomingville Marble cushion, €60 at Amara,

Trendy Table

Marble coffee table, €99 at Littlewoods Ireland

If marble countertops are out of the picture, opt for this cheap and cheerful coffee table from Littlewoods Ireland instead. Marble in the living room provides a dose of cool in a slightly less expected location than the kitchen. This table's chrome legs are a little severe, so try pairing it with softer textiles on the couch, like a blush velvet cushion or woven throw, and a few feminine dishes and books on top.

Buy it: Marble coffee table, €99 at Littlewoods Ireland,

Time's Up

Marble wall clock, €280, including shipping, at Amara,

A marble clock serves dual purposes - form and function at once - without taking up much space. Hanging heavy clocks isn't easy, so either make sure you're securing the clock to a wall stud or using appropriately-sized screw anchors which will keep your clock from sliding out of the wall and landing on something delicate.

Buy it: Marble wall clock, €280, including shipping, at Amara,

Bath Time

Bath accessory set, €20 at House of Fraser

While beautiful, using marble tile or countertops in the bathroom can be expensive and high maintenance since water can damage and mark the marble. Plus, keeping the grout gleaming in a high-use area can take a lot of time and energy. Instead, adding marble accessories to the wash room provides a little luxury and a lot less maintenance.

Buy it: Bath accessory set, €20 at House of Fraser


Marble cutting boards might be a far cry from countertops, but they instantly elevate the presentation of your typical cheese board. This combination wood and marble board from House of Fraser's lovely Gray and Willow line comes with an elegant cloche as well, helping protect your fruit and cheese from pesks or sneaky fingers before your guests arrive.

Buy it: Marble and wood cutting board with cloche, House of Fraser, €70

Cushion crush

Love Smile (

Lise O'Malley at Live Love Smile online home décor shop sources sumptuous materials from all over the world, makes them into cushions and blankets in her home in the west of Ireland, and then sends them back out around the world. Mum-of-three Lise bought herself a sewing machine and hopped onto Google to teach herself so she could sew a baby gift for a friend. That project gave her the sewing bug, and she now sells home and kids textiles via her online shop Live Love Smile (

Lise has a help tip for home decorators: "Always use a good quality feather infill that is at least two inches bigger than the cover itself for the perfect magazine-ready cushion!"

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