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Friday 20 September 2019

Kids' corner - a stylish and fun room for children

Get the little ones involved in decorating their own spaces to create a room that is stylish and fun

Littlewoods neutrals
Littlewoods neutrals
Gold skinny photo frame
Tiger storage
M&S bedding
Magic Forest

Emily Westbrooks

Children's rooms have a tendency to evoke visions of primary colours, cartoon decals and polyester, but today we're going to wash away those colour palette nightmares with a few tips for creating beautiful child-friendly spaces. Kids' rooms don't have to be an assault on the eyes in order to be comfortable and inspiring for children. Given a few building blocks, a slightly offbeat colour scheme and a little help from the smaller set, we can make your child's space enjoyable for years to come.

Start with Neutrals

Every child's room should start with neutrals as building blocks. Neutrals can grow with kids, transitioning from child to tween to teen, and neutrals can get handed down to a boy or a girl.

Buy it: Try the Morgan bed frame from Littlewoods Ireland, starting at €159 for a single.

Storage Savvy

Storage buckets and bins are handy in a child's room for all those little Lego pieces or building blocks, and they also give kids an easy way to help with clean-up. When you're looking for furniture for your child's room, keep an eye out for pieces with added storage.

Buy it: Striped storage bin, €7, from Tiger Stores nationwide

Colour Complement

To avoid the typical primary colours that come with kids, shoot just left of centre on the colour wheel. Instead of red, yellow and blue, try different colour combinations or muted tones. Have your child choose a favourite colour, then mix in complementary colours, like purple, orange or green. If your child loves yellow, try pairing it with a jewel tone like emerald.

Buy it: Urban Tribe bedding from Littlewoods Ireland, starting at €35

Mix in Masterpieces

When it comes to decorating the walls, enlist a little child labour, framing one of your child's masterpieces brought home from school. One trick to make children's artwork shine is to choose a nice frame, then have a frame maker cut a mat to fit the piece. It will look expensive without breaking the bank, and can easily be changed out later.

Buy it: Gold skinny photo frame, €10 at New Look

Animal Artwork

What kid's room doesn't need a donkey on the wall? We love Eoin Whelehan's quirky animal prints for adding a little whimsy to a child's room, and they even come framed at an affordable price. Choosing a few pieces of artwork for your child's space can make it feel like it belongs with the rest of your home, but they needn't be collectibles! Instead, keep an eye out for cute greeting cards or inexpensive prints that can be framed for a gallery wall. You can also pick up a peg board for your child to tack up movie tickets and other trinkets that will make it feel like their space.

buy it: Framed donkey print by Eoin Whelehan at Designist, €30

Lovely Linens

Quality bed linens in a slightly more grown-up colour can elevate a child's room from tacky to refined. Bonus? They're more comfortable and clean up better than the polyester variety. Once the bed is made, let your kids choose a selection of cushions. There are so many cute and quirky options that will add cosiness and personality to your child's room. Look for cushions with different textures and patterns to really add life to the space.

Buy it: Try the Isla bedding from M&S, starting at €25 per set

Forest friends

If you're on the hunt for adorable cushions that will put a smile on your child's face, look no further than Killaloe-based soft toy company Magic Forest Toys. Owner, designer and maker Joanna Luczak tells us she loves coming up with her little creature cushions. "I am like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to fabrics. What I find exciting when making toys and cushions for children is that the combinations of fabric colours and prints are endless. I can mix prints and motifs to achieve something unexpected and fun."

She got into the business of making soft toys quite by accident. "One summer day in 2011, I made an owl as a gift for my good friend's new baby boy! From there, word spread very quickly and that's how my journey of the Magic Forest Toys started."

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