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Interiors: Meet the new bohemian look that's all the rage

Meet the new bohemian look that's all the rage

Conran Dalton storage footstool from Marks & Spencer, €600
Conran Dalton storage footstool from Marks & Spencer, €600
Greend Thumb
Lanterns, from €35 at Debenhams
Heart of House floor lamp, €65 from Argos
Macrame planter from A Rum Fellow (, a spectacular online emporium for all things bohemian.
Cushions from M&S, from €20
Morrocan side table, €450 from House of Fraser

Emily Westbrooks

It's a new year, and we're all looking around our sitting rooms with a little hint of boredom. Anyone else have that feeling? There's something about January that makes us all itch for something new to help us bridge that gap between the festive season and sweet springtime: a new colour, a new cushion, or a whole new look. We're here to help, offering a few tips for taking your same-old style to a new level.

If you love vintage interiors, with a little pastel and a lot of lace, consider the new bohemian style. Equal parts pretty mixed with a side of sassy. Brighter colours, a few metallics, and lots of plants and prints. Here's how to bring it home.

Bohemian interiors style relies on luscious, draping green plants, but keeping those house plants alive is often easier said than done. Oddly enough, between the limited variables of water and sunlight, a lot can go wrong in between. Start with these three rules of (green) thumb.

1. Indoor plants need plant food. 2. Offer your plants consistent water, rather than periods of extreme drought and then an unexpected flood. This can stress the roots more than either in isolation. Just because a plant isn't outside doesn't mean it isn't susceptible to bugs. Keep an eye out for pests whenever you water your plants. 3. Finally, make sure to dust your plants regularly; dust can keep the plants from taking in oxygen and light properly, keeping them from growing and thriving.

1 Colour Crush

A bohemian interior starts with a bright, bold colour palette. Think jewel tones of emerald, deep purple and hot fuchsia pink. Accent with mustard yellow and strong orange, but keep those restrained as they can quickly take over.

Buy it: Conran Dalton storage footstool from Marks & Spencer, €600

picture: Marks & Spencer

2 Wooden Wishes

Jewel tones really sparkle when paired with dark wood antiques. A little worn around the edges? Even better. Looks like you robbed it from your granny's house? Sure, throw it in there. Or, if you're in the market for a new piece, look for dark wooden furniture with a little extra detail, like this Moroccan-inspired side table.

Buy it: Morrocan side table, €450, House of Fraser

3 West, Meet East

Boho style invites pattern-on-pattern, so Eastern elements fit right in. Think Middle Eastern kilim-inspired rugs or Central Asian suzani-inspired cushions. For lighting, channel a Moroccan hideaway with delicate lanterns and lots of candles. Or, fill these lanterns from Debenhams with a few trailing plants or succulents to complete the boho look.

Buy it: Lanterns, from €35, Debenhams

4 Stay Small

If all that colour has you a little nervous, start small with textiles, like throw blankets, cushions or maybe a rug to add that boho look. Bohemian interiors rely on mixing patterns and colours in lots of layers, so choose your colour palette and go wild with it. Boho style also relies on vintage items - or at least those that can play the part! Old lace tablecloths or even vintage scarves can double as wall hangings, or be made into cushion covers.

Buy it: Cushions from €20, Marks & Spencer

5 Metal Magic

Mix in warm metals for the perfect final finish to your bohemian look. Think gold or brass, shiny or with a little worn patina. Lamps are an easy way to work in metals, but also consider candle sticks or even hardware for existing furniture. Swap out wooden knobs for brass pulls for an instantly updated look.

Buy it: Floor lamp, €65, Heart of House, Argos

6 Wild at Heart

Bohemian interiors bring a vibe that says laid back, wild and free, so choose plants with a carefree attitude and lots of trailing limbs. Try a spider plant, which will give you lots of offspring quickly, or a Boston fern, which looks like a terrific '70s hairstyle. Boho's layered attitude applies to the leafy green category as well - the more the merrier!

There's nothing more boho than macrame, so give your new plants new homes in these colourful hanging planters.

Buy it: Macrame planter, price on application, from A Rum Fellow, a spectacular online emporium for all things bohemian.

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