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Let your windows shine with these bright and bold window treatments

Twilight blackout curtains, €40 from Argos
Twilight blackout curtains, €40 from Argos
Roller blind, from €32 at Littlewoods
Pair of Sannolikt pine curtain rods, €10 from Ikea
Bianca Divito stained glass

Emily Westbrooks

Window treatments aren't exactly the most exciting part of an interior design to-do list, but they can certainly make or break a room. In an effort to keep cold drafts from breezing through windows, home-owners often drape their windows in heavy, dark curtains. But with sunlight at a premium, your best bet to brighten your home is to look for lighter shades, shutters or curtains that make the most of bright moments while still providing privacy and blocking light when necessary.

These tips for choosing and fitting window treatments will ensure they make your home shine!

Curtain Call

Most windows benefit from floor-length panels, which should be hung at least a few centimetres above the window, instantly making the room look taller. Floor length curtains should always just touch the floor.

Art glass glows

If you're looking to take one of your windows to another level, bespoke stained glass might be the option for you. Bianca Divito, a glass artist who creates domestic pieces and restores original stained glass in hallowed locations like St. Patrick's Cathedral, gave us the scoop on this recurring trend.

The first task is to choose the perfect space for your piece. "Well-designed and interesting stained glass looks fantastic in any window," she says. "There are, of course, different considerations for every space, but my approach would always be to design a window which suits the space and location, not the other way around." And Bianca has noticed a new trend: "I'm being inundated with requests to design internal windows that are decorative yet functional to let light into the space instead of using a solid wall." Sounds gorgeous!

Shutter Speed

Plantation shutters are the perfect option for ground-floor windows where you want privacy but still want to maximise light. Café-style shutters fit across the bottom half of the window and they can even be matched to most brand-name paint colours.

Buy it: Plantation shutters from Wildthings in Co. Meath,

Hang Time

Fussy finials can make even the most modern curtains look dated. Instead, choose simple curtain rods with minimal detailing that will let the curtains shine on their own, like these understated Scandinavian-inspired pine curtain rods from Ikea. Extending the curtain rod beyond the width of the window can create the illusion of a larger space.

Buy it: Pair of Sannolikt pine curtain rods, €10 from Ikea

Roll On

Blinds have come a long way in recent years, and we now have more chic options than ever for creating privacy. Depending on the style of your room, you can layer curtains over blinds to soften the look, or keep blinds bare for a more minimal style. Blinds can be a good bet in a child's room, where long curtains get dirty easily.

Buy it: Roller blind, from €32 at Littlewoods

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