Wednesday 16 October 2019

Easy & affordable

With something as simple as a new throw or a bright hanging basket, you can update your interiors for spring without breaking the bank, writes Caroline Foran

Picture: Homesense
Picture: Homesense
Marks & Spencer

Caroline Foran

As the daffodils begin to poke their heads up above the topsoil, it's a good time to dust off the decor cobwebs and consider some effortless updates for your home.

That said, whether it's a soft furnishing swap here and there, a statement new wall print or a fresh table lamp, a seasonal refresh of your decor - which I would argue is as good for your mind as it is for your eye - shouldn't break the bank.

Consider the following high street pieces under €100 this month - along with some budget-friendly styling tips - and both you and your space will feel as good as new.

Mixed metals

Once you find the right drill bit for drilling through wood, changing your kitchen cabinet knobs or handles is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to update your kitchen. It also has a much bigger impact than you might expect. While mixed metals are taking a backseat in lighting, they're still dominating in the kitchen. Swap out your chrome knobs for sleeker brass handles, which you'll find on Etsy (prices starting as low as €5). All you need then is a tiny tub of paint to match your cabinet colour to fix up any messes. Elsewhere, add some statement metal pieces to your collection of serving bowls, plates or teapots. For a contemporary take, mix them in with marble accents. Genuine metals can cost a lot, but if you want to create the look for less, Homesense have you covered with marble and brass 'style' statement pieces.

Prints charming


Investing in art is something you shouldn't do on a whim as it's something you will ideally love forever and, of course, if it's the real deal it's going to cost you. But when it comes to embracing wall trends that come and go, you'll be open to cheap and cheerful wall prints that do the job. That said, while you might miss out on originality or exclusivity when you go the print route, there's a lot of choice these days, so you're not compromising on the overall look and feel of the room. What's more, if you tire of them in a matter of months, there's no love lost. This season, forget the minimalist quote prints and embrace a bolder look. For affordable prints that still make a major style statement, we look to and Abstract House for some online options. For something a little bit fancier, and Irish, check out and, whose abstract motifs are in and around the €100 mark, or illustrator Tara O'Brien, whose vibrant and fun pieces cost €25 a pop.

Just add colour

Marks & Spencer

There are three key colour trends you'll notice in the homeware stores this spring. One is blush. Surprisingly to some, blush has become the new neutral, stepping somewhat on grey's toes. Whether it's a blush feature wall, blush velvet cushions or blush tableware, the high street is packed with options. Head to Dunnes' Helen James collection for some gorgeous options. Elsewhere you'll see lots of forest green; no longer the reserve of the statement sofa but also appearing as a dominant colour with tableware and bed linen - Next Home are big on this. Though we think of it as a wintery colour, it's striking at this time of year. Lastly, you'll see lots of relaxed blue. Particularly blue and white stripes, Hamptons-style. For this, Marks & Spencer is leading the charge. Whichever colour you gravitate towards, introduce it in at least three of the following ways: a set of bed linen, a statement vase for the hallway, a cushion or throw to wake up the sofa or a flash of colour on your dinner table.

A new leaf


This spring, and as summer approaches, the botanical trend will rise again with lots of hanging planters as well as wood, wicker and bamboo accents. For a super budget-friendly injection of the botanical trend at home - and perhaps in a space that doesn't get great amounts of natural light, where artificial options will have to suffice - Penneys' offering hits the nail on the head. With prices starting from €3, it's the perfect way to freshen up your bathrooms without wilting your wallet.

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