Darren Kennedy: Add some Coco Chanel chic to your interiors with beautiful boucle

Weave some timeless style into your living areas with the fuzzy, woolly texture that never goes out of fashion

"Boucle is particularly beautiful when used on curved furniture as its fuzziness seems to accentuate curves." ‘Calix’ ripple accent chair in ivory boucle, €579, DFS, dfs.ie

Darren Kennedy

There comes a point in every beloved trend’s life cycle where the bell curve descends and what once felt zeitgeisty and new begins to feel tired and commonplace. It happens to all our favourite trends eventually, from that powder-pink velvet upholstery to those burnished brass fittings. Last week, as I strolled around interiors stores in LA, it felt like every second piece of furniture I saw was upholstered in boucle. I found myself wondering — have we reached peak boucle?