Friday 23 March 2018

6 steps to a cosier home

Give your home an easy update for winter with these styling tips

Winter Living: add different textures to your home.
Winter Living: add different textures to your home.
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Winter Living: Dig out blankets and throws.
Winter Living by Selina Lake
Winter Living
Winter Living
Winter Living: A cosy home is a happy home.

The evenings are growing darker, leafy trees are giving way to bare branches, and there's a definite chill in the air. When the cold weather descends, a cosy home is a happy home, and now is the perfect time to prepare your space for the months to come. In her new book Winter Living, interior stylist Selina Lake gives her top tips to help you banish the winter blues.

1 Transform your space with texture

Adding different textures to our homes is something many of us do naturally whenever the seasons change. As the temperatures start to drop, introduce some warm, chunky, knitted or crocheted blankets and throws to beds, sofas and chairs. Bare floors benefit from a scattering of winter rugs, and bedding can also be changed from the light and cool covers used in the warmer months to thicker duvets, eiderdowns and blankets.

2 Layer up

Keep your rooms warm and welcoming. Dig out the blankets and throws you tucked away during the summer and freshen them up with a quick, cool spin in the washing machine. Once dry, drape them over the arm of your sofa or armchair, lay them on your bed and stack the rest in a pile on a shelf or in a basket, so they can be easily grabbed when needed.

3 Let there be light

In the winter months, without the natural light streaming through the windows as much as it does in summer, getting the lighting in your home right is crucial. Winter's the perfect time to put up a set of fairy lights to give your space a magical feel and, of course, candles have their place too. Other lighting ideas include industrial-chic bare light bulbs. A collection of different soft lighting ideas work together to make a space feel cosy. So, experiment with a mix of table lamps, festoon lights and filament bulbs.

4 It's not about breaking the bank

There's no need to rush out and buy loads of new furnishings for your home - you can work with what you already have and dress it for the season, perhaps investing in a few new accessories. To make chairs more comfy, add cushions, faux-fur rugs and folded knitted blankets. Sometimes simply arranging a few candles along your dining table or sideboard will make your space feel more wintery. Use a mix of tea-light holders, candlesticks or large pillar candles placed in jars and vases.

5 Dark blooms are on-trend

Rearranging or adding new artworks and prints is another way to make your space feel ready for winter. Perhaps you could invest in a wintery wallpaper panel, or some new floral posters and prints with a really dark base. Floral patterns seem an obvious choice for spring and summer, but decorating with flowers can work just as well in the winter. The way to introduce floral patterns into your home at this time of year is to opt for dark florals set on a black canvas - it's all about the moodier palette.

6 Making scents

It's too cold to keep our windows open for very long during the winter when our homes are in need of some fresh air, so it's the ideal time to introduce some warming and fragrant winter scents. You can bring in winter scents from outside - bunches of freshly picked pine sprigs, along with bouquets of rosemary, are a great addition. Another option is to introduce bundles of cinnamon sticks and bunches of eucalyptus. For a stylish touch, collect some fallen pine cones and arrange them in an old wooden crate or basket, and spray them with your favourite room freshener. For me, the ultimate winter fragrance comes from scented candles - I can't get enough of them. My all-time favourite scent is Baies by Diptyque.

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