Monday 18 December 2017

Your questions answered

Marie Staunton

How long can I leave my tomatoes in the glasshouse, as they still haven't ripened fully?

Come the end of September, cut the whole tomato plant down, hang it upside down and it will continue to ripen.

We grew a variety of tomato this year called Ildi and they are a golden-yellow colour with the sweetest taste -- children will love them.

One plant has yielded a massive amount of fruit, so if you only have room for one, then I can't recommend this highly enough.

Each truss can yield around 60 little sun-ripened, golden tomatoes -- just perfect.

What is the best way to make compost?

First, you need a little bit of space to put your composting material, ideally a purpose-built bin or bay will do the trick. Depending on the size of your garden, this can be as small or as big as you like.

The trick is to put a nice diverse range of stuff in your compost bin, so you don't end up with just slime.

Grass cuttings alone will not make compost, so anything that you are taking from the garden by way of hedge clippings, grass, old bedding plants and raw veg will break down over time and provide you with a lovely dark-brown material, which will add greatly to the fertility of your soil.

Don't compost potato skins or bindweed.

Other tough-to-get-rid-of weeds should be taken out before they seed and placed in a black sack with some grass clippings. If you leave them for a year to rot down, you can then add them to your compost heap.

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