Thursday 22 February 2018

You can't beat a good spud

Conn Prenderville
Conn Prenderville

Conn began growing vegetables in 2010 when he rented a 200sqm allotment in Waterstown Sallins.

In his first year he won third place in the novice category of the RDS National Allotment Awards and also since then has been active on the GIY Ireland website and in his local GIY group in Newbridge.

Why do you GIY?

I have always wanted to get into veg growing since I was a kid helping my own dad in the garden.

It's a very rewarding hobby and takes you far from the hassles and stresses of everyday life. The food produced is delicious, which is a great bonus!

What do you grow?

I grow most of the regular vegetables.

I like to try something new each year.

Last year it was sweet potatoes this year it's walking sticks! I also grow fruit and some flowers for colour and to attract pollinating insects.

What's your favourite veg to eat/grow?

The humble potato.

There's nothing like the first of the season.

They can be eaten with almost everything, prepared in many different ways and they never leave you feeling hungry.

What's your least favourite veg to eat/grow?

Along with many other GIYers I would probably nominate sprouts. Doesn't everyone know that they try to spoil Christmas?

What's your favourite GIYing moment each year?

First lift of the early spuds.

One builds up to the event for days beforehand ... Wondering if the time is right ... Is there going to be a good crop?... The sense of anticipation when the fork goes in ...

Every time it amazes me to find an armful of spuds under each plant. It seems to affirm nature's blessing.

What's your most useful gardening tool?

The long-handled fork.

I need two, as I inevitably find I've left it at the far end of the plot when next I need it.

What do you know about GIYing that you didn't know last year?

You cannot backtrack on seed sowing – whatever else gets put on the long finger putting off sowing your seeds when you should, will only lead to regrets.

My finest hour in the veg patch was ...

I can still remember harvesting my first ever 'crop' – two small radishes. Such a fuss. Haven't grown radishes since. But it was good.

Which 'Good Life' cast member are you?

The Goat. Stubborn at times, will try anything and somewhat mischievous, but in a good way!

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