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Wexford offering some of the best value in Leinster

The Wexford housing market appears to offer some of the best value in Leinster as its house prices are among the lowest in the province.

According to the most recent Daft survey of asking prices, the average price in Wexford was €123,000 for three-bedroom homes, which is the eight lowest in the province -- but ahead of those in Westmeath, Laois and Longford.

While its four-bedroom homes are ranked slightly higher at an average of €194,000 or seventh in the province, its two-bedroom apartments are ranked 10th at only €80,000 each.

Ironically the Daft survey suggests that two-bedroom apartments are €3,000 cheaper than one-bedroom flats..

This may be a reflection of a more plentiful supply of two-bedroom units but it could also mean that those one-bedroom units on the website at the time of the survey may have been in more sought after developments.

Only 3.8pc of the county's households live in apartments compared with a national average of 10.7pc.

As many as 73.6pc of the county's 52,345 households own their home, which is a higher home ownership rate than the Leinster average of 67.7pc.

The number of permanent households in the county increased by 16pc between the 2006 Census and the 2011 Census according to the 'Roof Over Our Heads' survey conducted by the Central Statistics Office.

The survey also shows the county has one of the highest vacancy rates in the province with 14,329 homes, or 21pc of homes, vacant, which compares with a national average of 14.5pc.

However, this may be due to the county's reputation for being in the sunny south-east, as well as its sandy beaches being so convenient to Dublin, because as many as 6,915 of the vacant units are holiday homes.

Apartments account for a further 1,574 vacant homes and houses for 5,840. .

About 25pc of households live in rented accommodation, which is below the 28.8pc national average.

The CSO survey shows that the number of dwellings that were owned through an mortgage or loan stood at 18,103, compared with 16,999 in 2006.

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