Thursday 14 December 2017

Thirty-four things I'll miss when we leave our old home

'The view of the sea from our bedroom'. Stock photo: Getty
'The view of the sea from our bedroom'. Stock photo: Getty

Katy McGuinness

1. The view of the sea from our bedroom.

2. The bank of blue agapanthus in the garden that will bloom after we have gone.

3. The window on the return.

4. The fanlight in the hall.

5. The hazel tree with truffle spores inoculated into its roots. I'm never going to know whether it worked or I was just gullible.

6. The Paul Bocuse range cooker that I've been cooking on ever since we moved in.

7. The birdsong in the morning from the park opposite.

8. Avoca (I'm worried that their takings are going to plummet when we leave).

9. 64 Wine (Ditto).

10. Walking the pier every morning.

11. Winter evenings in the living room when everyone is home, the fire is roaring and we're binge-watching something good.

12. Summer Sundays in the living room, looking out at the tree canopy and reading the papers.

12. The Christmas tree on the half-landing, decorated with a champagne cork for every year that we've lived here.

13. The fuschia tree full of blue tits.

14. Supper with the neighbours and a 30-second walk home.

15. The very nice women on the checkout in Tesco.

16. Long table dinners in the kitchen.

17. The couldn't-be-more-helpful guys in Cartridge Stop.

18. The bay tree (Thanks, Orna).

19. The funny wardrobes that we bought in Mullen's and painted to look like Greek chapels.

20. Dun Laoghaire's Last Corner Shop, where you can pick up back issues of the newspapers.

21. Mary in Dubray Books in Dun Laoghaire. Font of all knowledge.

22. The guys in George's Fish Shop, which also sells Tartine bread.

23. The farmers' market in the People's Park on Sunday morning.

24. The two-minute walk to the cinema.

25. The cobbler.

26. The tang of salt in the air.

27. Recognising at least half of the people that I pass on the street on a daily basis.

28. The amazing service at Wash Stop.

29. The coffee at Bear Market.

30. Deciding on a whim to take the dog to Killiney beach for a run when we realise the tide is out.

31. Windfall plums from the tree next door.

32. Neighbours who let us put our excess rubbish in their bin.

33. Neighbours who'll put our bins out when we're away or we forget.

34. The butchers in James Whelan's, who know without me having to say it that I only want the meat for the burgers minced once, not twice.

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