Saturday 24 March 2018

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Sinead Ryan

Sinead Ryan

So, I'll bet you didn't even feel the Local Property Tax being swiped from your bank account last week? With a speed and efficiency unmatched in financial life, the Revenue managed to deduct the single debit authorities in double-quick fashion last Friday.

Now they can get on with their real business: chasing the 'outliers', the ragbag of vagabonds and bandits who still think the tax is an optional extra.

Revenue's "compliance programme" will focus on those who haven't paid the tax (this, last year's, or the 2012 Household Charge) and those who deliberately undervalued their homes or claimed an exemption they weren't entitled to.

The same organisation whose computers, we're told, can't "talk" to each other to enable a taxed child benefit system, will now be employing everything from Google Earth to Street View to ferret out the baddies. End game in Dodge City is Monday.

Unless you've been living on Mars (and lucky you, as it's a LPT-free zone), here's what's going to happen:

"Interest will be charged on the LPT and Household Charge at 0.0219pc per day from the date it became due. It will also be applied to under-valuations.

"Mandatory deduction from salary / benefits/pension will commence in April.

" You will not qualify for a tax clearance certificate.

" Your case may be passed to a debt collection agency or the Sheriff who has the power to seize goods in lieu of the tax due.

The last opportunity to "self-correct" is Monday, 31 March – contact Revenue on 1890 200255.

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