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Spring flowers for your table

How to create an informally elegant spring centrepiece.

Spring is here at last. It's time to inject some colour into homes and lives and what better way to do this than with colourful spring flowers. Once February arrives I find it hard to resist a pop of yellow in my arrangements. You can keep it simple with the  dependable daffodil, a cheery tulip, or use something slightly more unusual like ranunculus, yellow will be a welcome addition in any form.

Consider combining it with a deeper hue like purple and a touch of white, as I have done in my spring arrangement, to create a beautifully cohesive palette in a centrepiece. Follow my tips to create something seasonal and beautiful. Add candlelight for evening time and bright spring colours will take on a moodier, even more beautiful look.

1. When making an arrangement for a dinner table, it's advisable to choose a low-sized vessel to avoid it becoming an annoyance.

2. For shallow bowls you will need to use chicken wire or a flower pin to anchor the stems, avoid oasis where possible as it tends to give quite a stiff look to the flowers.

3. Create a base with foliage and shrubbery. Viburnum tinus for example is everywhere at the moment and works really well for the first layer of the arrangement but you can use pretty much anything.

4. Next add a layer of paper white narcissus. Place them at different heights within the arrangement to make it interesting to the eye.

5. Group white ranunuculus together at varying heights also.

6. Dot pairs of white hyacinth around the bowls, placing a pair higher at one side to create an asymmetrical look to the flowers.

7. Purple and yellow parrot tulips are next. As is the case with most types of flowers, I find using a few tulips together has the best impact, particularly if they are spilling over the side of the arrangement.

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8. Fritallaria meleagris  work beautifully to connect all of your tones together. They are also delicate and whimsical and add a beautiful flourish to the centrepiece.

9. Use any remaining ranunculus buds to create more movement.

10. Add some vine foliage to soften the arrangement. Let it fall over the edges and drape along the table for a beautiful effect.

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