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Room with the ultimate view? €1.35m cliff-side property snapped up by couple in West Cork


To be captioned by Picture Desk

To be captioned by Picture Desk


A property perched on a West Cork cliff has been purchased by a young Irish couple for €1.35m

The property in Drishane Point near Lough Hine which includes two houses offers stunning views of the breathtaking Tragumna Bay below.

The homes also look out upon the historically significant Kedge Rock, where 23 crew members on board the Alondra were rescued by the RNLI in 1916.

The headland property, just five miles from Skibbereen, boasts 30 acres and a private beach exclusive to the homeowners.

Included in the deal are two homes, the first a 3000sqft five bedroom house and the second a two bedroom cottage ideal for lease.

The couple are believed to be based in London and will use the West Cork dream homes as a holiday haven.

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