Monday 23 October 2017

River views are not so appealing now

Will the recent floods, snow and icy roads force Irish estate agents to rethink the flowery language of their brochures? With homeowners ditching their flood-damaged sofas, prospective buyers are unlikely to be seduced by the prospect of an 'idyllic waterfront view'.

Of course, not everyone will be heading for the hills, where icy roads may add to the risk of gate crashers. After all, when you can't use your brakes, how can you guarantee that the car won't take a notion that it would rather like to come in out of the cold?

Bing Crosbie's song about dreaming of a White Christmas might give the impression that there's a market niche for homes that are prone to being surrounded by six-foot-high snowdrifts. Our recently acquired appetite for ski holidays also suggests that many Irish people agree with Bing.

However, the recent traffic snarl-ups during the snow and the media outcries that followed can take all the fun and romance out of snow-filled lifestyles.

As for those quiet cul-de-sacs which estate agents claim are ideal for families -- all very well, I say, but the local council won't grit the roads in my estate.

Consequently, regularly gritted main roads are now looking a much safer bet when it comes to driving to work in the morning.

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