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Private harbours, swimming pools and kitchens to swoon over: The most expensive homes in Dublin revealed

Left: Danes Hollows; Centre: Inniscorrig in Dalkey; Right Beulah
Left: Danes Hollows; Centre: Inniscorrig in Dalkey; Right Beulah
€10.5m: Inniscorrig in Dalkey has its own private harbour.
Danes conservatory
Fintragh's long dining room.
The view from the conservatory of Inniscorrig.
€9.7m: Fintragh sits on 0.7ac.
A side view of Danes Hollow with its orangery from outside.
An aerial show of Danes Hollow with sea views.
Beulah has direct access to the sea
The Georgian townhouse at 77 St Stephen's Green.
Ouragh features a private pub bar room.
Ouragh on Shrewsbury Road has the equivalent floor space of nine three-bed semis.
Beulah exterior
Ouragh features a large open-plan kitchen.
Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

The most expensive 'superhomes' openly on the market in the capital

If you happened to buy Inniscorrig with a mortgage loan, the repayments over 25 years would be a hefty €56,000 a month - or the price of a brand new mid range Mercedes E class coupé.

At €10.5m, the six-bedroom period house at Coliemore Road in Dalkey is currently the most expensive home openly on the market in the capital and ticks all the right boxes to qualify it as a 'superhome'.

Superhomes are the tiny percentage of abodes at the very top echelon of the Irish market which represent the very best homes in the very best locations. Superhomes however, are not bought with mortgages but with cash.

Generally, they are priced above €5m. Today, a superhome tends to be located in a range of exclusive enclaves: seafront Dalkey and Killiney; seafront or hilltop Howth; Foxrock's better roads and the top roads in Dublin 6 and Dublin 4.

But not every property needs to be in the Shrewsbury/Ailesbury Belt or by the sea to qualify as a superhome. Sometimes superhome status is very much in the eye of the beholder and the most unusual properties can attract the heftiest prices as private residences.

Throughout the Tiger era, a number of run-down Georgian townhouses in traditional small practice office areas in Dublin 2 were acquired by entrepreneurs and converted at huge cost to become luxurious private residences in the city centre itself.

The advantage to the owners, who might have any number of homes here and abroad, is the provision of a luxurious pied-á-terre right at the centre of Irish business and one which could also house visiting parties and guests.

At the height of the Tiger years, Tony O'Reilly had one such property at Fitzwilliam Square, Dermot Desmond owned one in Merrion Square and U2 manager Paul McGuinness had a restored Georgian on Ely Place, just off St Stephen's Green.

Ensor, who represents the owners of four out of our six properties, says the superhome buyer is usually a self-made entrepreneur with an average age of 45.

"Generally speaking, they will either own their own very successful business or they will have sold a very successful business.

"There's a 50pc chance they will be based abroad - usually someone from Ireland originally or second generation Irish. These buyers are most commonly based in the UK, the USA, Australia or Canada."

Ensor believes that Brexit will certainly have UK-based potential superhome buyers anxious at the moment.

"A lot of potential buyers at the top end who are based in the UK are keeping an eye on the sterling situation. Obviously, the worse it gets, the more expensive homes become here. Those who come here to buy often aren't yet retired so they want a base set up in Ireland for when they do.

"Or they move here when their children reach secondary school age and commute to the UK. Many of them are concerned about their children's education and want their children in Irish schools."


Where: Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

Price:  €10.5m

Agents: Sherry FitzGerald and BK Earley.


€10.5m: Inniscorrig in Dalkey has its own private harbour.

Inniscorrig in Dalkey is on the market for €10.5m and has its own private harbour

Inniscorrig is essentially a romantic castle by the sea - a rare waterfront Victorian Neo Gothic extravaganza with its own private foreshore, a site of 0.8 of an acre, Italianate gardens, a gate lodge and its own fully functional private harbour - on Coliemore, one of Dalkey's best roads. It is a house fit for a king, having hosted two monarchs, Edward VII and George V through its lifetime.

Danes conservatory

Inniscorrig in Dalkey is on the market for €10.5m

The property, which was placed on the market 11 months ago also has its own boat house bar and a Hampton conservatory looking across Dublin's best sea view. In the Dublin market, the upper- end price range for a truly exceptional superhome runs at about €12m. Though there can be some extra special exceptions. At the peak of the Celtic Tiger years, superhome prices in the capital started at €12m and rose up to €20m - the obvious exception being the Sean and Gayle Dunne-linked Walford on Shrewsbury Road which was acquired for €58m in 2005.



Where: Shrewsbury Road, Dublin 4

Price: €9.7m

Agent:  Knight Frank

The next highest-priced property currently for sale is Fintragh, an Edwardian detached home which ticks the superhome box for its size and location on Shrewsbury Road in Ballsbridge - arguably Ireland's most sought-after address.

€9.7m: Fintragh sits on 0.7ac.

€9.7m: Fintragh sits on 0.7ac

At €9.7m, it was placed for sale nine months ago and sits on 0.7ac with eight bedrooms and six receptions across 5,700 sq ft. There's an outdoor pool, tennis courts and staff quarters.

Fintragh's long dining room.

Fintragh's long dining room

Danes Hollows

Where: Baily, Howth, Co Dublin

Price: €9.5m

Agent: Ganly Walters.

The next most expensive Dublin abode is the home of Riverdance supremos Moya Doherty and John McColgan. For sale since April Danes Hollow at Thormanby Road, Baily, has eagle's nest views over the sea. Built 17 years ago. At 8,611 sq ft, it comes with four main receptions, a media room, a gym, sun balconies, a wine cellar, indoor heated swimming pool and hot tub. The gardens have been designed by landscaper Michael Balston to roll down in terraces and help maximise the setting.

An aerial show of Danes Hollow with sea views.

Danes Hollow which is owned by Riverdance supremos Moya Doherty and John McColgan is on the market for €9.5m

Private access to the sea from a trophy residence is such a rarity in Dublin that those homes which can offer their own foreshore, a private right of way to the sea or the chance to moor a boat at the end of the garden will all have a good chance of achieving superhome status.



Where: Harbour Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

Price: €6.5m

Agent:  Sherry FitzGerald.

Another property among Dublin's six most expensive homes which has sea access is Beulah at Harbour Road in Dalkey - on offer at €6.5m since being placed on the market nine months ago.

Beulah has direct access to the sea

Beulah has direct access to the sea and is on the market for €6.5m

While it doesn't have its very own foreshore like Inniscorrig, the garden here runs straight down to the rocks and the property has a right of way and use of two private harbours for mooring boats.

The two-storey over-basement Victorian spans just over 5,000 sq ft and comes with 1.7ac of seafront gardens. The house has five double bedrooms. Over the years it has been owned by such leading business families as the Dunlops, Ted Rogers - the founder of Golden Discs - and, most recently, the O'Sullivans (the late Finn O'Sullivan headed up Irish Express Cargo).

The back garden has a large water feature fountain as its centre point, a sunken patio and a games room.

Beulah exterior

Beulah's exterior


Where: Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Price: €6.5m

Agent: Colliers

Also priced at €6.5m (reduced from €7m) is Ouragh, a detached modern residence in a period red-brick and bay window style which takes us right back again to Shrewsbury Road, the preferred address for superhome buyers who want to be central. Ouragh was completed by the developer and former 'Baron of Ballsbridge' Sean Dunne and his wife Gail in 2002 and has the equivalent floor area of nine three-bed semis.

Ouragh on Shrewsbury Road has the equivalent floor space of nine three-bed semis.

Ouragh on Shrewsbury Road has the equivalent floor space of nine three-bed semis

It was at one time referred to in US bankruptcy proceedings as Mr Dunne's principal private residence.

In 2014, Bank of Scotland petitioned a US court to clear the way for its plan to seize the house from the Dunnes.

Ouragh features a large open-plan kitchen.

Ouragh features a large open-plan kitchen

The bank claimed it was owed more than €12m in loans advanced against the property, which it said were originally paid out in two instalments - €7m when Ouragh was first built in 2002 and another €5m as the Irish property market tipped into the downturn in 2007.

The house was rented out to the South African Embassy for a time before being brought to market a year and two months ago. It has had its price clipped by €500,000 since.

Ouragh features a private pub bar room.

Ouragh features a private pub bar room

The Celtic Tiger-era palace has its own private pub/bar, a home cinema, a billiards room, and a gymnasium with a sauna and shower. It even has a lift to all levels as well as marble floors, four reception rooms and six ensuite bedrooms over four floors.

Currently empty, the agents are now preparing to deck it out with suitable furnishings for the coming autumn season.

Two years after the Dunnes completed Ouragh, they were also linked to the most expensive home in Ireland, which is situated nearby.

Mr Dunne always denied owning Walford, an Edwardian mansion on Shrewsbury Road, insisting he gifted his wife €58m to buy the house in 2005 when it achieved the highest price ever paid for an Irish residence.

77 St Stephen's Green

Price: €5.75m

Agent: Sherry FitzGerald.

The town house at 77 St Stephen's Green in Dublin 2 is the last of our top six Dublin superhomes.

The Georgian townhouse at 77 St Stephen's Green.

The Georgian townhouse at 77 St Stephen's Green

The four-storey over-basement level property has been owned by the Loreto order for more than 100 years and is zoned for both residential and commercial use. The price is €5.75m with a likely cost of €1m-plus to refurb it as the house is tired and will require a head-to-toe revamp.

Because the market for a superhome is so specialised, Simon Ensor of Sherry FitzGerald advises vendors that a 12 month period from launch to market to the achievement of a sale is not unusual. In contrast, an average Dublin property takes around seven weeks to be disposed of from launch to sale agreed.

* Inniscorrig, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin: €10.5m. Joint agents Sherry FitzGerald and BK Earley.

* Danes Hollow, Baily, Howth, Co Dublin: €9.5m. Ganly Walters.

More Pictures: Peek inside Riverdance Couple Moya Doherty and John McColgan’s stunning €9.5m Howth home

* Fintragh, Shrewsbury Road, Dublin 4: €9.7m. Knight Frank.

* Beulah, Harbour Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin: €6.5m. Sherry FitzGerald.

* Ouragh, Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4: €6.5m. Colliers.

More pictures: Peek inside Sean Dunne’s Shrewsbury mansion now on the market for €6.5m

* 77 St Stephen's Green, D2: €5.75m. Sherry FitzGerald.

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