Monday 23 October 2017

Irish architect designs the world’s most expensive home with an asking price of €500m

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

A Dublin man has designed the world’s most expensive house which is expected to be placed on the market with an asking price of €500m.

Dublin architect Paul McClean is behind the Bel-Air mansion dubbed ‘The One’ , which if it’s sold will become the most expensive home on earth.


McClean is a graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology, but has now established himself in Hollywood as the key designer in the mega-mansion trade.

The Dubliner’s firm, McClean Design, has grown from strength throughout the architect’s four years in Los Angeles where he began working out of his garage in the city.

The architect’s relationship with developer Paddy McKillen has helped him on the path to designing some of the city’s most lusted after homes, including a house which was sold to Calvin Klein for €25m last year.

According to Bloomberg News, Developer Nile Niami said: “The asking price will be $500m.”

The 104,000sqft home will sit on more than four acres of land in Bel air and will be twice the size of The White House.

The home will have five swimming pools, a casino, a nightclub and also a room lined with jellyfish tanks.

According to Hollywood Reporter, McClean said he was shocked that despite the size of the builds, many clients complain that the homes are still too small.

“These are buyers who aren’t going to be spending much time in these homes. They start with a house in London, then New York, then they realise the weather is bad in both, so they get a home here. But it’s more about collecting homes rather than living in them,” he said.

“No matter what we build, there’s always one complaint. They’re too small.”

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