Tuesday 12 December 2017

Interiors: Culture clash

Moroccan, Scottish and American influences bring this creative 20-year-old's former family home to life, says Blanaid Hennessy

Joshua Gordon
Joshua Gordon

Blanaid Hennessy

It can take time to develop your interiors opinions -- you could be middle-aged before you realise that, actually, you really don't like peach paint, wicker, leather seats or curtains. You could be well into retirement before you discover a complete love for all things grey, grafitti or glass.

That's the beauty of taste -- it continuously surprises the owner, consistently reacts to new trends and is never fully formed.

However, if taste were based on time, then you'd have to imagine that blogger/DJ/ photographer and clothing designer Joshua Gordon is on some kind of fast track. His home is, as he describes it, a quaint little place that holds a lot of history. His gran and her gran lived here, while Joshua's own mother refurbished it to be light and bright.

Now it is filled with furniture and curios collected throughout these generations. They were found at fairs, acquired at auctions and coveted over time.

In the living room, a fisherman's chair, originally from the Orkney Islands, sits comfortably on a vintage Moroccan rug. It is adorned with Indian tapestry cushions and a knapsack by Edwin Louis French from London. A tartan tin suitcase was bought through an American magazine, while kitsch wooden duck ornaments were collected from auctions and fairs in the UK and Ireland.

For Joshua, art, clothes and prints are his favourite curios, and that's how he puts his stamp on the home. He counts Keegan Gibbs, Viktor Vauthier and Jack Toohey (jacktoohey. tumblr.com) among his favourite photo- graphers, while Keith Haring, Sickboy (www.thesickboy.com) and Finsta rank highly among his preferred artists.

Although some of the walls in the living and dining rooms are adorned with antique botanical prints and elegant water- colours from the past, Joshua's addition of contemporary prints from Berlin/Ireland-based collaborative magazine 'Dear John' and American designer Justin Blythe work perfectly.

Continuing this type of juxtaposition, antique wall carvings sit alongside super-modern T-shirts from Lazy Oaf, Cathy Burke for F*cknfilthy and Fresh Jive.

One day, Joshua hopes to be successful enough to afford a large apartment in London or New York.

"When I imagine any future home, it is always an apartment; it's a part of my work life more than a show home. It's a white space filled with wardrobes, art, photography and light."

He feels that trawling the internet on sites such as theselby.com helps him to develop his taste. When he sees incredible things online, he stores them in his mind to be plucked for use when he reaches the goal of owning that loft apartment.

Based on his current collection of interesting things, it will be a fascinating space.

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