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How do I replace my bath grout?

The grout around my bath is unsightly, is it difficult to replace?

Bath and shower tiles get a lot of abuse. Whenever you shower or take a bath, they get eroded with water as well as soap. Afterwards you use bleach and other chemicals to clean the same tiles.

All of this abuse will cause the grout between and around bath tiles to become discoloured and worn. When grout becomes worn, it dries and cracks. When grout is damaged, it needs to be replaced with new grout.

It is not a difficult one but it is slow and tedious. You can hire a qualified professional at or you can tackle the job yourself.

You should first remove grout between tiles. A grout saw is the best choice to get through the grout, you can purchase a grout saw at Turn the grout saw on and carefully cut the grout as close to the edge of the bath tiles as possible. You will need to repeat the process for the other side of the tile.

Use your hoover or dust pan and brush to tidy up the grout.

When you are happy that you have gotten all of the grout, clean the bath tiles. Use a damp sponge to wipe down the tiles.

Let the tiles dry on their own. Removing dust and other particles is important to maintaining a clean grout that will bond correctly.

Applying grout is relatively simple. You need a grout scoop or float as well as the grout You can purchase grey and white grout easily from your local hardware store. Mix the material according to the directions on the package if you are not using ready-made grout. Use the grout float to scoop up the grout and cover the bath tiles.

You then use the grout float to smooth the grout over the tiles. Use firm, even pressure to press the grout between the spaces. Occasionally, use a damp sponge to wipe down the bath tiles. This removes the grout scum that may form over the tiles. Use as much grout as needed to finish the job. Wait for several days before using this bath or shower. This will give the grout plenty of time to dry.

I've heard that grout sealer can protect your tiles. What is the best way to apply grout sealer on shower tiles?

Grout sealer is used to protect the grout from water and stains. It can also make your tiles easier to clean. It is easy to apply and can increase the lifetime of your bathroom. Grout sealer can be purchased at any hardware store or at

You can apply the grout sealer with a small paint brush such as a craft brush. The smaller the brush the easier it is to get the sealer just on the grout lines.

If the sealer drips or runs, clean the area immediately so the runs won't show on your tile. Allow the sealer to dry according to the directions on the tin before using the shower.

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