Tuesday 20 March 2018

Grow it yourself week 55

By SOWING carrots at the start of June, you can avoid the dreaded carrot root fly.

I also find that leaving my main-crop sowing until now is just generally more successful, with quicker and more reliable germination.

So this week I will be sowing my main-crop carrots.

A few weeks ago I started to get the bed ready for the carrots.

For me that means two things.

Firstly I turn the soil in the bed over with a fork so that the carrots have got a nice friable, uncompacted soil mix to grow down in to.

I also rake the soil over to get it to a nice fine tilth ready for sowing.

I generally practise no-dig growing, but I make an exception for the carrot and parsnip beds, which to my mind, need to be carefully prepared for sowing.

Secondly, I spray the bed with nemaslug – a tiny microscopic nematode that keeps the bed slug free for up to six weeks.

I have found this invaluable for the last few years in keeping slugs away from the little carrot seedlings.

That six-week window gives the carrots time to get established.

If you've had problems growing carrots in the past, check out our brilliant, quick video tutorial at www.giyinternational.org/videos/detail/carrots.

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