Wednesday 21 March 2018

Grow It Yourself Diary - Week 63

Michael Kelly

Dare I say it? That things seem to have quietened down a little? I find myself standing in the vegetable patch and thinking – you know what, there's actually nothing more for me to do here. Go do something else. Play with your kids, go to the beach. Something other than GIYing.

So what's going on? Well, ironically, though the vegetable patch is resplendent and heaving with produce, there's actually very little to do. It's like we're in the eye of the storm – the worst has passed and the worst is perhaps yet to come, but for now, well everything's just cushty.

Weeding duties are not as severe as they were earlier in the season. The dry weather means we have some watering to do, but it is not particularly onerous.

Sowing duties have slowed to a virtual stop – though they will ramp up again next month as we start sowing winter crops. I'm doing some harvesting alright, but it's "as you need it" type harvesting rather than a major job like harvesting onions or spuds (maybe a week more for the onions).

We don't even have massive gluts of produce that require processing (in to jams, chutneys, pickles or preserves) yet. Basically, things are humming along just fine.

July is, to my mind, one of only two months in the entire year when I am freed from the gorgeous tyranny of the veggie patch (the other month is December). So I guess I should enjoy it. Shouldn't I?

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