Saturday 24 March 2018

Gardening: Ask Marie

Marie Staunton

Is Miscanthus a good choice for a dry, sunny border?

The very lovely Miscanthus sinsensis 'Malepartus' loves a nice, warm sun-filled border. It does, however, prefer a bit of moisture, which our summers can usually supply without a problem.

The fact that your border is on the dry side should work in your favour during winter because they really don't like their feet in soggy soil. This particular Miscanthus can reach the dizzy height of 2.5m so should be either used to the back of your border or indeed as a specimen plant.

Does Schizostylis come in any other colour or are they just red?

No, there are many varieties ranging in colour from red through to white and as long as you have a place in full sun with plenty of moisture-retentive soil for them to bask in they will reward you with lots of gorgeous flowers. Some are quicker to establish like the Schizostylis coccinea 'Major' or the pink variety called 'Sunrise' but I quite like the lovely little 'Alba' variety myself. They are not fond of a wet winter and you can run the risk of losing a few plants if the soil isn't as free-draining as it should be.

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