Wednesday 18 July 2018

Focus on downsizing: Eoin O'Mahony - 'A family home for the future'

Eoin O'Mahony in Greystones
Eoin O'Mahony in Greystones

"We're moving from quite a large house, which was really more than we needed in terms of space," explains Eoin of his family's move from a 362 sqm home in Greystones to another smaller home, roughly 269 sqm, in the same area.

"We looked into the future to see whether we would need it when the children were gone and we thought, 'No, we don't. We're not even using it all now.'" He and his wife are still in their forties.

"We weren't forced to sell, which creates a whole different dynamic. If you have to do it in a rush, you probably won't get a great price. We were prepared to wait until we were happy enough with what we were getting for it. We don't like to be made to do anything. We like to get a choice." They saw the move as future-proofing, using money that they were taking out of the bigger house to reduce mortgage payments, increase energy efficiency in their new home, but also add in the potential for ground-level access to bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. "I worked in St James's Hospital for years and we had a lot of people who were older and who couldn't return to their homes because they had no downstairs toilet or there was a step down into their kitchen and they were on a rolater. We won't be living downstairs when we move in, but there's a facility for it in the future."

They also wanted their home to be a family home, somewhere their children would have memories of having lived in. "Rather than the downsizing when you're in your sixties or seventies and you're living in a house where the children have kind of lost that 'family home' because they've never lived there - it's nice to have a family home to go back to."

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